One Dress Two Looks

One Dress Two Looks

This is my very first fashion blog post!
I have decided to share my love for fashion and the stories I experienced with my fashion items in a diary style… As I was looking through images of my self-styled photo shoots; it’s been hard to pick one as the opening topic! ‘Oh well,’ so I thought, ‘Why not starting with the dress I’m wearing right now?!’ Deal sealed!

This vintage Frangins Frangines is actually a summer dress. I so love it because the feather prints appear so so feminine and it can easily be worn across seasons and simply by doing so, I gain two outfits instead of one.

By wearing a pair of winter pantyhose, putting on my leather gloves and adding a winter coat – ‘Voilà!’ I’m ready for winter!!

Self portrait with the collaboration of F.N.


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