One Dress Two Looks – Series Two

One Dress Two Looks -Series 2

This powder pink dress is way more summery and seasonal than the black dress with white feather prints in my previous topic. However, I have to admit that I did make it into a winter wear once.*

Here’s the first look of the two styles I created, it screams feminine and romantic! The colour and the ruffle fringe details are so soft, therefore, I did not want any strong colours to overpower the softness and the lightness of it all – just think of enjoying a fish dish with white wine, not with whiskey. Same principle to me!!

*For a winter ensemble, I once put on a short beaded black cardigan over it; choosing red seamed stockings with suspender belt and a pair of black stiletto heels.., on top of that; wrapping the cardigan with a large silver/grey cashmere scarf…

Self portrait with the collaboration of F.N.


  1. I like light colour wear in summer.
    I never wear like this way (so feminine ). 😛
    It’s a good idea to try, but the only problem is; I don’t know how to walk if I put on the heels. 😛

    • Just practice on not-so-high heels Lingy.
      I agree, this look is very lady like and not the best choice for our everyday wear. For me, this ensemble is great for attending high tea parties; the races; or the summer garden weddings…

    • Thank you for your compliments and feed back Oliver. 🙂 I love hearing it from a male’s point of view! Haha~ sure, suspenders and stay up stockings are ultra sexy and feminine. The very moment when I putting them on, I feel empowered as a woman straight away!!

      And thanks to Dita Von Teese’s signature style to keep the burlesque glam on spot light constantly.
      I DID hear the same comment made by men before : “Why don’t more women wear them??”

  2. I enjoyed re-reading Vivienne… not only for your lovely and intuitive way with words but the way your style and panache are front and centre.

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