Monthly Archives: July 2013

My Travel Essentials – A Few Scarves

How amazing is it, that I get to write this article about scarves, right at this ‘Scarf Capital’ – Paris – which I nicknamed it since my first visit here in 2002… Back then, I remember it very clearly, it was a beautiful cool autumn day. It’d be in October I am pretty sure. I […]

My Travel Essentials – A Simple White T-Shirt

And you wondering why? Here are my reasons: 1) It doesn’t take much space at all in any luggage. It can easily be rolled and tucked in between items to save space. 2) It doesn’t require much care. Most of the time it doesn’t need to be ironed. 3) It can be washed easily. Hand […]

My Travel Essentials – A Pair of Good Sunglasses

Haven’t we all seen those photos of Jackie Onassis enjoyed her holiday by the Mediterranean Sea? Her handbags; scarves; and of course, who could over look those oversized sunglasses she wore always… My early impressions of the large dark shades, strongly associated with the images of this style icon. Those big shades scream glamorous and […]

My Travel Essentials – Hats

I AM totally a hats girl. I just LOVE wearing hats!!! Normally, I’d check in my flight with my hat on, and keep my other hats in a carry-on bag. A hat box just takes way too much space in a luggage, it’s not practical. If the hat is made of soft fabric and can […]

My Travel Essentials – A Statement Bag

As we all know, July and August are the peak months of vacations around the world, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, I want to dedicate my next few blog posts to our favourite holiday season. My travel handbag – THE centre piece of my ensemble… After deciding which bag I’d take with me, then […]