My Travel Essentials – Hats

My Travel Essentials - Hats

I AM totally a hats girl. I just LOVE wearing hats!!!

Normally, I’d check in my flight with my hat on, and keep my other hats in a carry-on bag. A hat box just takes way too much space in a luggage, it’s not practical. If the hat is made of soft fabric and can be folded, then it’s not an issue for travel.
If it still sounds too much hassle, well I guess we can always buy one when we arrive our destination.

For me, a nice hat is definitely a big part of a look and style. The impact is equally huge as a great pair of shoes – they add drama and attitude to even the plainest outfit. And people always tend to notice the one with a hat on in a crowd… To be able to leave an impression is just another plus a hat can do for us.., so~ what’s not to love?!!!


  1. There I was, leaned against the side wall of Grand Palais, Paris…
    Such a simple, classic white T-shirt + jeans combo, surprisingly, had won me most compliments and broke my self record of ‘male fans’ in Paris during my half day outing and wondering about! (I wasn’t even wearing a mini…) 😉

    • Sure there are MORE hats to come Kent.
      I like it – effortlessly worn – but is the ‘effortless style’ really that effortless to achieve?!!! 😉

  2. Great hat and a classy look. Amazing what a simple white T-shirt and jeans can do. Hope you get the same response with this look in Sydney……..

    • Haha~ thanks Oliver! Well, in Sydney with the same look, not yet receiving that kind of attention Paris was showering me with… However if I do, I’ll give you a feed back on it!! 😉

  3. A hat is a must have, be a cap, beanie, straw hat, it makes an outfit. ‘What would the Melbourne Cup be without it’s amazing array of hats?’ I love my hats also.

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