My Travel Essentials – A Pair of Good Sunglasses

My Travel Essentials - A Pair of Good Sunglasses

Haven’t we all seen those photos of Jackie Onassis enjoyed her holiday by the Mediterranean Sea? Her handbags; scarves; and of course, who could over look those oversized sunglasses she wore always…

My early impressions of the large dark shades, strongly associated with the images of this style icon. Those big shades scream glamorous and chic, at the same time, they present a privileged world to me and many.

Not only do a pair of good sunnies can flatter our face shape, making us look trendy and cool, they also protect our eyes from strong sunlight, sand storm or/and un-wanted recognition… The benefits just go on and on.
The best thing about them is, they are so easy to carry and they send even the simplest outfits straight to glamour zone! So, please invest in a pair that suit you – they are totally worth it!!

Self portrait with the collaboration of A. K.


    • Thanks Kent. A very unusual vintage Kenzo top I’ve worn for years… Unusual, because Kenzo was well known for his colourful/floral prints, and this top was just simply one colour; no busy prints at all…

  1. You look absolutely stunning! This shade of blue really brings out your face!!
    Also your sunglasses look perfect, I love the shape & color of them 🙂

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