My Travel Essentials – A Simple White T-Shirt

My Travel Essentials - A Simple White T-Shirt

And you wondering why?
Here are my reasons:

1) It doesn’t take much space at all in any luggage. It can easily be rolled and tucked in between items to save space.

2) It doesn’t require much care. Most of the time it doesn’t need to be ironed.

3) It can be washed easily. Hand wash and shade dry is handy, especially when there’s no washing machine available.

4) Last but not least, it goes with almost everything… Jeans; maxi skirts; shorts; minis… You name it!!!


  1. Here I was, sitting at a quiet corner of Montmartre, Paris… Paired this white T-shirt (an on sale item from FCUK/French Connection), with my vintage Moschino (by Moschino Jeans) skirt! The yellow roses’ prints and the silky fabric of the skirt, just gave this simple T-shirt a romantic and polished twist…..

    • Oh you noticed the details Kent!! I actually don’t wear V-neck top often, but this V-neck tee is not a deep V cut, so I don’t mind wearing it… As for the writing on the front, it’s metallic beaded ‘FCUK’- the brand of this tee!!

  2. Yes, yes, yes, I love my white shirts the best thing is that you can mix and match a simple white shirt with so much. A nice cardigan, a crocheted top, a wonderful scarf, a nice pair of jeans…. “Awesome!”

      • hahaha 🙂 it’s supposed to be spring here but the weather is sooooo bad these days… where do you live? I’ve got a friend who lives in Canberra 🙂

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