My Travel Essentials – A Few Scarves

My Travel Essentials - A Few Scarves

How amazing is it, that I get to write this article about scarves, right at this ‘Scarf Capital’ – Paris – which I nicknamed it since my first visit here in 2002…

Back then, I remember it very clearly, it was a beautiful cool autumn day. It’d be in October I am pretty sure. I was travelling by Paris metro, and where I sat was one of those two sets of chairs facing each other. In total, the four of us – all female – were all in scarves that day!!!
As I found it quite amazing so I looked around, and started paying even more attention to the passengers who also wore scarves. I spotted one gentleman in a dusty pink winter scarf (a very romantic approach I thought); a man who was wrapped up by a bright orange one (which I love), and a young guy, he just let his long, mint green scarf hang… These were a few out standing ones which grabbed my instant attention!

It was there and then, I was convinced that, out of all the cities I’ve been to, Paris, truly deserved to be the ‘Scarf Capital’!

The thing is, not only the amount of people wearing them in Paris, it’s also how they wear them – you sure can get really creative with these pretty things around your neck! Also, how far would they go when it comes to the colours and prints impressed me. Parisians are sure not shy when it comes to wearing colours. ‘Ooh~La~Lah~’ as the Parisian often says, that was an autumn in the scarf wonderland!

It does feel like a full circle now, coming back here and blog about scarves in Paris. Only this time around, in late July when this ‘City of Light’ has been hit hard by heat wave. There is clearly a lack of scarves on sight. I guess it’s a bit hard to wrap our sweaty necks with such delicate silky things, and trying to appear elegantly in a 36C heat when all we care about is where the next gelato shop is…

So, giving it’s 33C outside, should I really, must wear one today just because ‘je suis à Paris’ (I’m in Paris)?

Self portrait with the collaboration of A.K.


  1. I really like your taste.
    I like the way you dress in this picture. It’s perfect! You are a fashion queen! 🙂

  2. I have a wonderful collection of scarves. Scarves are my ultimate favourite. A must for every wardrobe. My favourite is raw silk one. I discovered that raw silk will sit better on your body than processed, dyed silk. However, they are as equally as beautiful. I wear scarves not only around my neck, but also my hair. The ones you tie in your hair you can go all hippy chick, with a wide band on the front part of your hair and let the rest dangle down your back. Wonderful with a white blouse. Or tie one in a bow on the side of your hair. Or have a boring pair of pants……Use your scarf as belt……On the beach…Use an over-sized scarf as a coverall around your waist. You can never have to many scarfs! And no one’s outfit needs to match or look like anyone else’s. It is our confidence that carries it well. Like recently I purchased a beautiful floral dress. Well it must of been for a women who was 5’foot……So it became a beautiful tunic top which I match with a small tan belt. I wear this tunic top with jeans and my cowboy boots. Just to stir a BBQ I rocked up in this outfit! :=} Life is your oyster. Enjoy my friend. ‘Rock those outfits!”

    • Thank you for sharing your personal styling on scarves Ann-maree.
      I enjoy reading it and love hearing how you make your scarf not only just a part of the look, but THE most interesting accessory! Well done!!

      I’m also planning to blog a series of scarves in the near future, right now I’m working on getting the photos done! Can’t wait to share more ‘scarf story’ with you! X X

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