My Travel Essentials – A Dress Which Can Be Worn From Day To Night

My Travel Essentials - A Dress Which Can Be Worn From Day To Night

The reasons are simple:

1) Just in case you walk by a swanky bar, and don’t feel like rushing back to your hotel room to get rid of the old jeans and stinky runners…

2) As a tourist, actually, as anybody, we normally get better service and treatment when we dress up a little bit. Plus, don’t you think it’s a bit odd, when one wears singlet; shorts; backpack and thongs, then walk into an up-market boutique store…? Remember, a little effort gets us a long way!

3) Holiday romance does happen! ! ! After spending the whole afternoon strolling by La Seine together… You, are invited by this charming European prince to a posh French restaurant which over looking ‘La Tour Eiffel’!!

So, isn’t it lovely that you happen to look the part! ! ! 😉


  1. I think you look like a local, not a tourist…………

    1. Great! That’s the idea… 😉

  2. Love this dress, fabulous!

    1. Thank you Kent! 😉

  3. brianxman · · Reply

    Great outfit, don’t know about the European prince in Paris but it’s good to dream if this dress makes you feel this way. Cheers! Brian

    1. Haha, thanks Brian. Meeting a prince or not is not as important as dressing up like a princess. When a girl/woman looks good and feels great about herself, she glows and has the world under her feet… 😉

  4. femininely beautiful

    1. Thank you Heath! :-*

  5. Very nice dress Vivienne 😉

    1. I’m glad that you think so too Hersilia. :-*

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