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My Lisa Ho Memories

On the 23rd of June, while I was checking out what’s been happening by reading the Sunday Telegraph. I was soon shocked by learning that one of our home grown fashion labels; one that appears to be among our most well known and popular brands, has hit the rocks and was sinking fast… ‘How Lisa […]

Who Wore The Shorts Out? My Dress Guide For Attending White Rabbit Gallery’s Art Opening

White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney, isn’t just any art gallery. Not only do the gallery owners have a great love for Chinese contemporary art and they generously share their entire private collections with the public; it’s also known for the notorious long queue to get in to its opening nights. Yes, queuing, you heard me, just like queueing […]

David Jones For VFNO Sydney 2013 – Level Seven ‘The Social Party’

David Jones CBD store’s seventh floor ‘The Social Party’, no doubt was the ‘central hub of VFNO’ Sydney. Models; fashion designers; fashion editors; bloggers and fashionistas were gathering here for this year’s VFNO invitation only event. Brushing shoulders with Sophie Falkiner at the entrance.., when we walked in, a French Riviera theme – blue and […]

Vivienne Shui Pitt

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out (VFNO) 2013 – Oh! What A Night!!

As you might have noticed, even if you were not into shopping, on the eve of the 5th, September, it’s not just an ordinary Thursday late shopping night… Music was playing in fashion stores; champagne was ready to serve any walk in customers, and the shoppers were out in large numbers to take part in […]

Scarf Up – From Paris To Marrickville

After spending an average of 30C plus over one month in heat waved Paris, I arrived into Sydney’s late winter. Sydney has just had a temperature sudden drop.., 6C at nights that’s quite a difference from a hot, humid Paris. While in that ‘scarf capital’, I was unable to wear any scarf – due to […]

My Travel Essentials – A Cardigan

“What?” “A cardigan?” “Isn’t that a bit conservative and old-fashioned?” I heard you say. As a cardigan girl, for years and years, I’ve been naively believed that these pretty; girly outfits must be adored and loved by all. Well, until an ex boyfriend of mine proved me wrong… “Take that thing off! You look like […]