My Travel Essentials – A Cardigan

My Travel Essentials - A Cardigan

“What?” “A cardigan?” “Isn’t that a bit conservative and old-fashioned?” I heard you say.

As a cardigan girl, for years and years, I’ve been naively believed that these pretty; girly outfits must be adored and loved by all. Well, until an ex boyfriend of mine proved me wrong…
“Take that thing off! You look like a granny!” Each time I put on a cardigan when Chris was around, I’d hear this from his not-so-impressed voice. Chris was clearly not a fan of the cardigan let me tell you!

Just when I thought Chris must be the only soul in this entire world who didn’t get the charm of the cardigan.., funny enough, during my long flight from Paris to Sydney last month, I watched back to back series of Two and a Half Men…
There was an episode about Rose – ‘the stalker’ – who happened to wear not one but two cardigans in one episode.
I, suddenly realized this feminine garment’s negative double face – just like Rose the character herself. Could this demure; well behaved and good mannered cardigan girl trying to hide a darker side of herself??

Alright, alright, maybe I’ve gone too far and over analysed it. Well, perhaps I did, but even been linked to ‘boring’; ‘old fashioned’ and/or ‘conservative’, was still not the fate the cardigan should quietly accept in the fashion world.

One windy winter’s morning in Sydney, I cowardly ditched my black beaded cardigan, instead, I put on a structured black blazer. It seemed like that I slowly started giving cardigans a second thought and growing out of loving it.
While sitting at a cafe, sipping my peppermint tea and glanced through a fashion magazine… Well, guess what? A picture of Victoria Beckham’s daughter wearing a chocolate brown high waistline little girl dress and a bright yellow cardigan has popped and grabbed my full attention!

‘There you go!!’ I thought, with a big victory smile. If a cardigan is good enough for Victoria Beckham’s daughter, then it wouldn’t be that bad, right? Actually, correction, if the cardigan is good enough for fashion icon Victoria Beckham’s little girl Harper Seven, then it MUST BE GREAT!!!

Self portrait with the collaboration of Franck Talaucher.


  1. Well the cardigan in this picture looks to me more like a Bolero top with added Bling.. always nice to have something in the bag in case the weather turns a little nasty.

    • Yes Kent, and that’s one more reason why I like about them.., we can easily roll them and tuck them into our bags and they don’t wrinkle, just a perfect outfit during season changes…

      P.S. It’s a ‘half cardigan’ Kent! Well~ it is!

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