Scarf Up – From Paris To Marrickville

Scarf Up - From Paris To Marrickville

After spending an average of 30C plus over one month in heat waved Paris, I arrived into Sydney’s late winter. Sydney has just had a temperature sudden drop.., 6C at nights that’s quite a difference from a hot, humid Paris.

While in that ‘scarf capital’, I was unable to wear any scarf – due to the heat… However, I was happily scarfed up myself in Sydney, thanks to the low temperature and icy wind chill.
From walking through the glamorous royally golden gate of ‘Petit Palais’ in Paris, to strolling by this graffiti wall of Marrickville, Sydney… Did I feel any less of a princess? Or any less of the Parisian chic? – ‘No!’, and ‘No!’. In fact, I think Sydney is very fashion conscious. Great fashion is happening in Sydney from what I’ve seen.

Here I was, wrapped by this silver/grey scarf which I picked up from a bargain shop in Paris’ left bank. Coincidentally, on that day I happened to wear a Parisian brand ‘Frangins Frangines’ vintage dress. They melted surprisingly well together with the graffiti back drop, don’t you think?!

Said ‘au revoir!’ to Paris, followed by ‘G’Day!’ to our beloved harbour city.
Many thanks to fashion photographer Kent Johnson, who’s ‘light test’ shot captured this magic moment – my scarf was flying in the air, and I was thrilled to be returning to, home sweet home…

Photography by: Kent Johnson


  1. Ah Vivienne, a great cross-continents fashion story; and I think the French would LOVE the graffiti too! Thanks for letting me get a fabulous shot of you in Marrickville in some great Australian light.

    • Thank you dear Kent for suggesting Marrickville’s graffiti lane as the back drop. Although I didn’t think it’d work, but clearly, you proved me wrong and I’m pleased with the result! 🙂

    • 謝謝你 Lingy.
      I’m glad that you like it! Normally, I am the only art director behind most of my portraits.., BUT this time, I listened to fashion photographer Kent Johnson’s direction and basically just went with it… I did NOT even have make up on!

  2. Sorry, got cut off there, also wanted to say – a suitable scarf not only keeps you warm, but also gives charisma.
    I thought you looked great, keep on keeping on!
    Looking forward to your next.

  3. “Love, love scarfs!” The only query I have is I would of used “Rose Bay-Sydney” instead of Marrickville- It is a low income, working class area with many array of problems ( as in all over the world there are areas the same)….. I am sorry I believe that area is not known for their style, sorry only my personal opinion and I do not mean to offend anyone. But Paris on the other hand good pick…”Flaunt the scarfs!”

    • Marrickville has changed! It’s the ‘New Newtown’ (which is now the coolest place in Sydney) and about to be the Paddington of Sydney with bigger, much bigger backyards and more parkland. 25 years ago I would have agreed with you but not these days. Next time you are in Sydney take a look. BTW this shot was really for me as I love industrial settings, never seem to go to the beach. Love that you can take a great picture anywhere; if you have an eye for it. 🙂

    • Thank you for your feedback Ann-maree.
      I totally got your point! I guess it’s hardly a link between Paris and Marrickville.., oh well, it also depends on what part of Paris I think. The truth is, when I came back from Paris that weekend, Kent and I did some ‘light test’ at this location which was a graffiti laneway.
      So, that’s where my idea came from, one day ago I was in Paris; fourty hours later I found myself in the middle of this graffiti laneway. I thought it’d be an interesting contrast! X

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