David Jones For VFNO Sydney 2013 – Level Seven ‘The Social Party’

David Jones For VFNO Sydney 2013 - Level Seven 'The Social Party'

David Jones CBD store’s seventh floor ‘The Social Party’, no doubt was the ‘central hub of VFNO’ Sydney. Models; fashion designers; fashion editors; bloggers and fashionistas were gathering here for this year’s VFNO invitation only event.

Brushing shoulders with Sophie Falkiner at the entrance.., when we walked in, a French Riviera theme – blue and white cushioned beach benches and the matching pop up bar, with bright yellow lemon ‘Pelicano’ signs everywhere brighten up our eyes.
Looking left, spotted Megan Gale chatting with guests, while having Robyn Lawley as tonight’s first DJ. Fashion designers Kit Willow and Camilla Franks were partying in the same room; I was also delighted to see Vogue Australia’s senior fashion editor Christine Centenera among the night’s fashionable crowd!

After many trips to the pop up bar for more ‘Ultimat Vodka Pelicano Martini’ and ‘Patron Tequila Lemon Granita’, it’s hard to say what’s more enjoyable between the sensational cocktails; watching fashionable crowd parading their party ensembles and showing off their dance moves; or the night’s non stop hip music…
While guests still kept coming; I chewed a mouthful of raw salmon, thinking: ‘Here I was, with a night like this, why not soaking up every beautiful moment!’ So I let my hair down; chilled out and had some fun.

One and a half days after the wrap of VFNO 2013 Sydney, my date of the night, fashion photographer Kent Johnson handed me this photo of myself (Yes! in a hard copy!), which he happened to capture it at the end of ‘The Social Party’ event.
When I saw it, I was totally blown away by how much I’ve transformed in just a few hours! My hair seemed slightly messy; black blazer was off; and goodie bags in both hands… I looked happy; relaxed; radiant and even SENSUAL (according to my colleagues)! Well~ Thanks to Patron Tequila and Ultimat Vodka!

It’s a night to be remembered. We gathered; we drank; we danced and we celebrated our great love affair with fashion – VOGUE style!!!

For more David Jones VFNO Sydney ‘The Social Party’ photos/stories, simply check out Kent Johnson’s street fashion blog here!

Photography by: Kent Johnson



  1. You are always a very sensual and very attractive “town” girl… Love the way you look in all your photos, the camera captures you in a very sexy and real true beauty that you are… In this photo, your “wild’ side is very beautifully displayed, the sexiness and sensual woman that you are is on display proudly…
    Love this photo so much Vivienne ❤ ❤ ❤

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