My Lisa Ho Memories

My Lisa Ho Memories - Part One

On the 23rd of June, while I was checking out what’s been happening by reading the Sunday Telegraph. I was soon shocked by learning that one of our home grown fashion labels; one that appears to be among our most well known and popular brands, has hit the rocks and was sinking fast…
‘How Lisa Ho Unravelled’ – that was the title of the article by Jennifer Sexton.
I read on, and found it hard to believe that it was really happening.

By the time I physically made it to see what was left in stock at Lisa Ho Strand Arcade store the following Thursday night, I thought there wouldn’t be anything left for me to grab.
Within a few minutes of browsing, I spotted a coral red cocktail dress and quickly tried on the last one in my size. I soon found myself purchasing my very first Lisa Ho dress – only days before her fashion empire ended. However, to have it at such a bargain price, I could not have asked for more.

Although I had never before owned a Lisa Ho dress; what I did have, were two winter wraps from the brand. So, instead of shedding tears over her sudden departure from the fashion world; I’d rather celebrate the fun I’ve had by wearing her wraps!
This golden yellow SPAZIO CONCEPT (MILANO) dress and its diamanté shoulder straps, was already a loud statement piece on its own, to make the look even more theatrical, I threw on my purple Lisa Ho pompom wrap on top of it!
The contrast of bright yellow and rich purple has made my vivid dream come true!!!

Would I step out my door with such a loud ensemble on a night out? I doubt it. Let’s just leave my fantasy where it belongs. Oh well, unless I get an invite to the ’80’s glamorous theme party’, you never know… (I still collect those padded-shoulder coats!)

There were garments and/or accessories I invested in, simply because they were very wearable and practical. There were also other items, which were not practical at all, BUT for the sake of fulfilling my fantasy and reconnecting with my childhood dress up dreams and so on..; therefore, I MUST have them – even if it means that this precious piece would be tucked away to the dark corner of my wardrobe… (This bad habit should NOT be encouraged I must admit!)

This Lisa Ho pompom wrap, no doubt belongs to my ‘love-it-don’t-wear-it’ pile!
By saying so, I happen to have this very photo nicely framed and hanging on the wall in my home. Each time I walk by and happen to glance at it, the richness in colours and that ‘OH-SO-STAGED’ pose, always injects me with more love for the glamorous fantasy world of fashion!

That’s the world I often dreamed of when I was a little girl…

Photography by: Road Wang


  1. This looks like your best blog yet, to me. That photo is beautiful. Looking forward to more like this.
    Maybe a column would be a chance in the future, in a fashion section.

    • Thank you Li for your support and believing in me! 🙂
      A fashion column in the future? Well I think a blog like this is actually quite close to it, without dead lines setting by others; and I get to pick and choose any subject I desire to write about… In a way, a blog is much more personal and closer to my heart! X

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