Monthly Archives: October 2013

We Are What We Carry

Grace Kelly ‘fell in love’ with Herm├Ęs’ ‘Kelly bag’ before it became THE Kelly bag. Although Kelly bag was not originally designed or made for Grace Kelly, however, due to her love for the bag, and she’s been captured by carrying it a lot, so the bag – officially renamed after her in 1977 – […]

Searching For My Inner Bohemian

As a minimalist when it comes to dressing myself, I admire those who can pull off a look by wearing layers and layers of neck pieces; bangles; large and unique belts; exotic prints; fringed or beaded scarves and statement earrings… Every girl (well, almost every girl) loves to channel boho chic! However, to really nail […]

Taipei IT Park And Lacroix

If a single photo is enough to tell a life style and fashion story, then this picture is sure one of them. Living and working in Taipei – the capital city of Taiwan – during late 90’s; my life then and there, besides working, was mostly involved with catching up with family and/or friends over […]

The Ultimate Cool – All Black

The Paparazzi were hunting down Angelina Jolie’s every move since her filming commitment had brought her and her six children to Sydney in September. As a huge fan of hers, I followed up her news whenever I had a chance. Lately, I looked at some images of her and her children, one of the paparazzi […]