Taipei IT Park And Lacroix

Taipei IT Park And Lacroix

If a single photo is enough to tell a life style and fashion story, then this picture is sure one of them.

Living and working in Taipei – the capital city of Taiwan – during late 90’s; my life then and there, besides working, was mostly involved with catching up with family and/or friends over meals; afternoon tea gethering ( The Regent Hotel Taipei offered great value of afternoon tea time buffet… ); weekend drinks; cinemas; clubbing ( mostly at a notorious underground club named ‘TU’ ); shopping ( actually, window shopping most of the time ); and occasionally turned up at Taipei ‘IT Park’ – a private run, cool crowd art gallery and photo studio – art openings…..

And yes I did mention the word ‘shopping’! ( How could I not! I lived in Asia! )
As most of you might already know, Chinese and the majority of Asian population do indulge in lots of retail therapy.
I remember a French friend of mine who lived in Taipei then, used to tease me all the time : ‘Shopping is your national sport!’

Not only Chinese would love to be covered by big brand fashion items, they often treat family and even close friends generously as well. ( Of course, there are always some exceptions! )
The top I wore in this photo – a creation of ‘Jeans de Christian Lacroix’ – was a gift from a Hong Kong Chinese friend of mine.
And I didn’t just receive one, I was given three – in the same style but with different prints.

This photo of myself sitting in Taipei IT Park wearing one of the jeans-line Lacroix’s top, was such a perfect reflection of my life there and then.
Now recalling Sydney home for more than a decade long, besides adding more outdoor activities and exercise into my life… well, I’m also used to getting photo frames and CDs as presents!

What does it feel like, not receiving designer label items as birthday gifts?
Well, to tell the truth, it is such a relief! At least I don’t need to return those friends equal value items back when it comes to my turn!

Life is much easier this way! !


    • Thank you Kent.
      And yes! It’s a little series of snapshots of my ‘out and about’ in Taipei from the late 90’s…
      I guess more stories like that will be coming soon… 😉

  1. Thanks for the lovely picture. It was heartwarming.
    It is always my great pleasure to see your photos.^_^
    My thoughts are with you from Japan.

  2. Thankyou for sharing Vivienne your reflections from your past. Out journey’s make us who we are. They shape us, mold us and give as an more inner appreciation for what life hands us further on down the track. It is a bit like that quote, “How can you experience Happiness if you have never experienced pain, how can you experience joy if you have never experienced sorrow, in all life shapes us for better things ahead, enjoy, live, love and forever have peace”:=} xoxoox

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