Searching For My Inner Bohemian

Searching For My Inner Bohemian

As a minimalist when it comes to dressing myself, I admire those who can pull off a look by wearing layers and layers of neck pieces; bangles; large and unique belts; exotic prints; fringed or beaded scarves and statement earrings…

Every girl (well, almost every girl) loves to channel boho chic!
However, to really nail it, is to make the ensemble look effortlessly done. In other words, how to make the whole look seems like we just happen to throw everything together, not over planning or styling is the key.
Even the wild, slightly messy (or very messy) hair that might take a hair dresser hours to pull off, should appear like we only just get out of our bed.

Happily dug out this old photo of mine; in which, clearly, I was interpreting my own version of the boho look!
Flea markets were not easily to be found – if there was any, that’s the question – in my homeland Taiwan. As a 19 year-old girl, with very little money to spend, and NO flea markets to go, the best I could style myself with was a singlet; a large statement belt and a matching earth tone maxi skirt.
Then ‘Voila’! My simple, minimal and low budget boho look was born!

Although I never thought that I dressed in Bohemian style often enough, somehow, I managed to dedicate my entire holiday look to the boho trend when I was staying in Rome for over a month back in 2006.

In my opinion, Kate Moss is the ultimate ‘Queen of the Boho Chic’.
She masters the boho trend like she’s been dressing that way since the age of five, and she always appears so naturally and totally laid-back in that style!
Most importantly, she owns it so EFFORTLESSLY!!!

Location shot in Tao-Yuan county, Taiwan, by photographer Tsong-Chii, Lynn.


    • Thank you for your always positive encouragements Lingy! !
      At first I wasn’t sure about this photo… but I’d love to bring Taiwan TaoYuan county’s charm to this blog stage… ‘Voila’!! Here it is!! And how nice to hear such a good feed back from you…
      Thank you! ! 😉

  1. Vivienne, not too long your blog will take over Sydney if not Australia & the world by storm!
    I agree the picture is a dream, it’s a cover… I would love to read some of your romance novels…

    • Awww.., I’m so flattered Sylvia! To receive compliments and encouragement from a fashion designer means a lot to me! Thank you! X
      I guess that my blog IS my romance novel right now… Each story is about a love affair between a woman (me) and her beloved fashion item….. 😉 (Don’t you agree?)

  2. It’s really humbling the way you are passionate about beloved fashion items. Few minutes ago I just read your ‘about VIVALAVIV’ & the ‘Channeling My Inner Cowgirl’ stories. U R A Supermodel as well as an interesting writer. AUSTRALIA WAKE UP…!!!

    • Well Sylvia, I have to admit that I do get obsessed with the fashion items I fall in love with.
      Most of my friends or lets say, people who know me, see my long-term project, which is modelling the garments I treasure as purely an act of vain… 😦 I have never been understood to be honest.

      Until our friend – fashion photographer Kent Johnson – who has seen them as my SERIOUS ART PROJECT, I then decided to let the world knows about my ‘little project’.
      Thank you for your compliments! X

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