We Are What We Carry

We Are What We Carry

Grace Kelly ‘fell in love’ with Hermès’ ‘Kelly bag’ before it became THE Kelly bag.
Although Kelly bag was not originally designed or made for Grace Kelly, however, due to her love for the bag, and she’s been captured by carrying it a lot, so the bag – officially renamed after her in 1977 – has since strongly linked to a status of wealth; royal; sophistication and upper class…

Here I remember, the famous Kelly bag also appeared in the movie ‘Le Divorce’. When Kate Hudson’s character in the film – as a young American lady – flaunted her newly received red crocodile leather Kelly bag, which was given to her by her generous French politician lover. The bag itself also became a status symble right there.

From the story of Grace Kelly and the Kelly bag, I’ve learnt that our handbags aren’t just made for carrying; they are an extension of ourselves.
Oh I wish I could afford a Kelly bag! Here you can see that I’m loving my Ferragamo, it’s my ‘non Kelly bag, Kelly bag’ to me! Well, at least until that day my very own Kelly bag arrives…

Self portrait with the collaboration of F. N.


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