Monthly Archives: November 2013

Fashion Accessories I Love, And Why… Sunglasses

Since I was very young, before I even spoke any English, I adored those oversized sunglasses, which were worn by European and American film stars in the movies or fashion magazines. Those large shades, not only were they strongly linked to the Western world; they also represented a privileged lifestyle to me, which, for a […]

Channelling My Inner Cowgirl

I grew up in a rather conservative family; which, for example, when it came to lady’s fashion, showing a woman’s cleavage was totally unacceptable… My parents divorced when I was at a very young age, and so I was raised by my much beloved paternal grandmother. As a Libra woman, she had superb taste in […]

Yellow Fever – Paris To Paddington

When I spotted those bright, sunny and ‘loud’ yellow garments filling out the fashion shops windows everywhere in Paris this July/August.., it was not hard to figure out that it’s the ‘red hot’ colour this season! It sure brightened up my day as soon as I saw this sunny yellow dress at Paris Galeries Lafayette […]

A Cheerful Afternoon With Sylvia Chan – My William Street Festival 2013 Highlights

The 5th annual William Street Festival, took place on a glorious spring day, Saturday the 28th of September. Not only the local retailer community were out in great force in support of their big day… This festival also attracted many fashion lovers, shoppers and fun seekers to indulge in William Street Festival’s aromas, live music, […]