Fashion Accessories I Love, And Why… Hats

Fashion Accessories I Love, And Why... Hats

I have a hat fetish, there is no doubt about that.
But here I’m going to share a recent story with you, about how my hat became my saviour….

On the evening of 26th September, it was an ordinary Thursday night. By saying ‘ordinary’, I meant, I planed to have a quiet evening after work. I was on my way to catch up with my friend, fashion photographer Kent Johnson for a quiet dinner then heading home for an early night… However, when I turned up at Pitt Street Mall to meet him, our mutual friend, fashion photographer Nyk Sykes was there as well looking polished.

It turned out that, Nyk had an invite to a Sydney based jewellery designer Sofia Fitzpatrick’s ‘SKULL&BONES EXHIBITION’ and launch party at The Den, Ivy.
‘Well, I knew about it, somehow I didn’t realize it’s on tonight.’ Kent said. ( Sending me the message that he was going to attend. )
‘Vivienne, come with us.’ Nyk asked me.
‘I’d love to join you, but look at me Nyk, I’m wearing this floral dress and NO ONE will turn up a skull jewellery launch party wearing FLORAL!!’ I said, quite seriously.
‘Can you imagine wearing a romantic, feminine maxi floral dress to attend an edgy, dark skull-inspired jewellery’s launch event? NO! NO!! NO!!!’ I told Kent while he was picking and trying on several Panama hats in a Strand Arcade hat shop.

‘What do you think of this one?’ Kent tried on a tan Panama hat and asked my opinion.
‘How funny!’ I said, ‘During my lunch break today I also bought myself a hat!’ That’s why I carried a large paper bag with me because the hat I bought was a wide-brim style… you know, those type Audrey Hepburn wore.
‘My cousin is already there waiting for me. I’ll see you guys at The Den.’ Nyk said. ‘Vivienne, you look fine.’ he added.

Well, actually, I looked far from ‘fine’ to turn up the ‘SKULL&BONES EXHIBITION’ launch party. At this point I rather looked ‘rediculous’, because ‘rediculous’ could at least be more interesting! Instead, I looked WRONG for the occasion.
‘I have this little black dress at home which would be a perfect choice for tonight.’ I said to Kent, sighed.
‘We have no time.’ he said.
The result was: giving up on the dangerous and dark look, I went with my floral dress, BRAVELY! ! !
Haha, always looking on the bright side: ‘At least the floral prints here were black and white, it was ‘less sweet’ than the coloured ones.’ I thought.

We caught up with Nyk and his cousin after our arrival, Kent soon went to the crowded bar to get our drinks.
I looked around this trendy, all-dress-up crowd and decided to give my ‘wrong for the occasion’ ensemble a make over – with whatever I’ve got in my bags….
After squeezing my way to the ladies’ restroom and stood in front of the mirror, I started from taking off my thin belt and just let the maxi dress drop loose… then I put on my newly purchased wide brim hat – it had thick black and white stripe. And I also touched up my make up….
The interesting thing here I noticed was, normally, stripe and floral didn’t quite go hand in hand in fashion, but in this case, maybe because they were both in black and white, they seemed appearing together in, I’d like to call it – ‘an odd harmony’!

Stepping out the ladies’ restroom with my new ‘odd harmony ensemble’… Surprisingly, this look had won me several ‘Love your hat!’ compliments on my way back.
‘You wear your new hat!’ Kent finally returned from that million people bar and passed me a glass of white wine.
‘So do you! We are now both wearing new hats!’ I replied with a big smile.
‘Your new hat looks FABULOUS on you!’ Nyk added his compliment sweetly.
While the rock band ‘The Dark Hawks’ was performing, this event’s official photographer took a snap shot of Kent and I while we chilled out in the lounge.
‘Love your GORGEOUS hats!’ A female guest walked pass us then turned around to let us know.

Clearly, not only this hat had saved me from buying a new outfit for my last minute invite,.. it, more importantly, saved me from a total embarrassment.
And that, was priceless! ! 😉

Photography by : Road Wang


  1. Oh I love this shot I wish I had taken it, very English I think! Love the story and we all did have a great time at Sofia’s launch party; hats and all! Thanks for the mention too, Kent.

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