In The Mood For Polka Dot

In The Mood For Polka Dot

Polka dot is HUGE this season!

Ten days ago I was on my way to meet a friend for a pre Christmas catch up over lunch, all these polka dot dresses in the fashion windows I walked by, seemed screaming at me: ‘polka dot polka dot polka dot polka dot….’
Then I came home, after making myself a cup of tea and went through my ‘news feed’ from Facebook… A photo of supermodel Eva Herzigova wearing a red dress with black polka dots on (she stood next to Stefano Gabbana) in front of a Christmas tree pop into my sight. Soon seeing another picture of George Clooney appearing in black and white polka dot shirt and suit (Oh YES! The polka dot on polka dot ensemble!!) on the cover of up coming W magazine…
Well, let me tell you that was a lot of polka dots to take in in one day!

Years ago, a female friend of mine once asked me:
“Do you like wearing polka dots?”
‘Of course.’ I replied. ‘What a silly question!’ I thought.
Well, it turned out that this friend of mine didn’t like them, she just “didn’t get polka dots” – according to her – at all!
Then that whole afternoon we fell into a ‘deep’ conversation about polka dots.
Yes, deep. I thought I liked the polka dot in fashion and that’s all. Little did I know that, after having been thrown all these detailed polka dot questions by her, such as: “What colour polka dots on what colour fabric?” “Large? Medium? Small? Or tiny polka dots?…” By the end of our conversation on this very subject, I ended up coming up with this conclusion which, I now call it – ‘How I like my polka dots in fashion!’

And here’s how I like them:
1) Black polka dots on white fabric and/or white polka dots on black, any size of dots doesn’t matter.
2) Tiny black polka dots on black or white sheer fabric.
3) Tiny white polka dots on white or black sheer fabric.
4) Yellow small or tiny polka dots on white garments.
5) Small or tiny mixed colour polka dots on white fabric.

You may say that we must had been so bored that afternoon. However, wasn’t that something interesting to find out that not all polka dot garments are my couple of tea?!!!
It made perfect sense that why my polka dot clothes at home were either black dots on white or white dots on black.

Do you like wearing polka dots? If you are in the mood for it this season, what combination would you go for?
Perhaps now I’ve got you thinking… 😉

Photography by: Road Wang.


  1. Just to add few more ‘polka dot eye spy’… actress/director Angelina Jolie took her children to The Lion King musical in Sydney lately, she wore a tiny black polka dots on black sheer blouse; last Saturday when my friend, fashion photographer Kent Johnson and I were invited to fashion designer Sylvia Chan’s Christmas party, we also saw some of her enfant designs in polka dots…..
    Seems like it’s hard to escape from them this season!! 🙂

  2. Love, love Polka Dots, do not have any Polka dots in my wardrobe. I use to wear Polka dots in the 80’s, ( my favoirte was a white shirt and soft lavender Polka dots) when it was a big craze. I wonder if it will catch on for a Northern Hemisphere Summer this year? Ps I agree With what you said about the colours you should wear in regards to your Polka dots otherwise Multi coloured big Polka dots look childish, something you would dress a little girl in. “What do you think?”

    • I love your feedback Ann-maree! Not only that you shared your polka dot fashion experience, you also shared your opinion about it. Thank you. Well, let me also share this with you… About a week ago, I walked behind a girl who was wearing a multi colour polka dot dress in Liverpool street.., her polka dots were medium size and the gaps between dots were too small, plus the fabric was black… I must admit that I did not like it at all!
      Having said that, well, today I had a brand new discovery… I walked right pass a girl who was wearing this ‘polka dot’ dress, well her polka dots were on top of each other, which is something I’ve never seen before! And while most of the dots were in kind-of-grey-ish colour, some had been highlighted to red – ‘What an unusual polka dot dress!’ I thought.
      It seemed to me that polka dots had reinvented themselves haha~ X

    • Haha~ I did drop a hint about my up coming post – this one – when I saw your polka dot enfant wear/dresses in your boutique. 😉
      I’m glad this ‘polka dot’ blog post entertained you, and that is what polka dot is about – fun to wear and playful! Don’t you think? X

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