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The Tale Of A Qipao 旗袍 (Chi-Pao) – The Introduction

Happy Year of the Horse everyone!! In another four days, the Year of the Snake will come to an end, following up the turn of the Year of the Horse. While we are celebrating Chinese New Year, I want to dedicate these three blog posts about Chinese lady’s fashion culture since the 17th century’s Qing […]

The Tao And A Little White Dress

A few years ago, for no particular reason, I became obsessed with those all-white little summer dresses. ‘Every girl wants a white dress!’ This was an instant reply from a male friend of mine who heard about my obsession. Of course, his point of view was, every girl dreamed of a white wedding dress. ‘Really?’ […]

Shanghai Escape Delayed By My New Little Black Dress

Every fashionista owns, wears and loves her little black dress… These timeless little black dresses have been worn, photographed, written about and reinvented time after time…. Myself? I do own a few of them, just like you I guess, but there is a particular one which brings more memories to me than the others…. Back […]