Monthly Archives: February 2014

A Simple White Shirt

In 2005, I had a brief holiday in Roma… It was late summer in Rome when I finally arrived at Leonardo da Vince Airport after a 24-hour long haul trip from Sydney via Singapore and London. After such a tiring flight, of course it’s not over yet until I collected my luggage. I waited patiently […]

This Summer, Not So Suddenly…

My street style approach to fashion, here is the truth – from the head to toe… My Panama hat – I’ve been crazy about them for at least ten years now. Since I had one Panama hat stolen right off the top of my head during my 2011 Paris trip (c’est la vie!), since then […]

The Tale Of A Qipao 旗袍 (Chi-Pao) – It’s Not All About Suzie Wong

There were countless politicians; movie stars and celebrities, Chinese and other nationalities, who have graced qipao in contemporary culture. Here I’d like to share some of my favourites… Soong May-Ling, also well known as Madame Chiang, as the first lady of the Republic of China, she was often seen in qipao, especially at important occasions […]

The Tale Of A Qipao 旗袍 (Chi-Pao) – The Reinvention

The modernized qipao was first created and developed in Shanghai in the 1920s. Some have said it’s under the influence of Beijing styles. Qipao’s modernized self was form fitting and more, in fact, much more revealing. Comparing to its all-cover-up traditional style, it introduced sleeveless high-necked dresses and the slit on the side became higher, […]