This Summer, Not So Suddenly…

This Summer, Not So Suddenly...

My street style approach to fashion, here is the truth – from the head to toe…

My Panama hat – I’ve been crazy about them for at least ten years now.
Since I had one Panama hat stolen right off the top of my head during my 2011 Paris trip (c’est la vie!), since then I stocked up several new ones just to replace ‘that one’ – such was my emotional loss… This Panama hat I wore was from a souvenir shop at Sydney Circular Quay, it even came with a little certificate to prove it’s the real deal – hand woven in Ecuador.

My silver snake-shape framed Roberto Cavalli sunglasses were from a glasses/sunglasses store in Sydney’s George street. I treasure all my Cavalli sunglasses, they are for my special outings – those times when I want to add extra glamour to my day wear!

My rhodium plated sterling silver neck piece is a superb statement piece which I found during my Paris holiday last year at Galeries Lafayette. It has a stunning metallic lustre to it and since statement neck pieces are still on trend, this one has become my current favourite accessory of choice!

This sleeveless black top… Well, I have looked at more than a few in a similar style – simple and sleek – but refused to pay top dollar for them, so I found one which was close enough styled to what I had in mind at Myer’s ‘Youth section’ (aka Myer Miss Shop)! Seriously! I highly recommend it! I often find some trendy basic items there – at only half, or even less than half the price in an up market fashion store.

This Versus skirt is rather special to me.
In 1997, I went to Hong Kong for a retreat with my boy friend. At that time, fashion designer Gianni Versace had just got shot dead. With this tragic news that shocked the world, and I happened to be in this duty-free shopping paradise… It was totally understandable why I rushed into the Versace and Versus stores to grab myself a little bit of Gianni before ‘he’ was all gone…. Stepping out with two shopping bags – my chosen garments were not in mourning black but a memorial to Gianni in all white.., this skirt was one of them.
This season, with the cutout mesh making a major come back, it’s time to give my vintage Versus skirt a ‘birthday’ dry clean, so I can fall in love with it all over again!

My red coral peep-toe booties by Sergio Rossi, I bought them at a Luisa outlet sale in Sydney’s Hilton Hotel last year.
The peep-toe booties were very popular during the mid 90’s also. I remember I used to own a black lace pair in 95, and how could I not keep loving them! Look at this pair, they are so full of attitude!!

Clearly, I didn’t put the above ensemble together overnight! And who would be my best choice to shoot this street style ensemble for me other than my dear friend – fashion photographer Kent Johnson – who also runs a ‘little blog’ called Street Fashion Sydney.
And here’s Kent’s collaboration blog post!

Stepping out from Suzie Wong’s world and walked into the modern concrete landscape… Fashion, especially street style, this almost-no-set-rule freedom that we are given, has made dressing up so much more fun!!

Photography by: Kent Johnson


  1. Love this story of how this outfit was assembled over the years; and love the Gianni Versace reference; that tragedy was shocking news! Your stories about how fashion is part of your life are always interesting; and thank you for the links and picture credits.

    • You are welcome Kent.
      I do admire your ever-fresh take on a fashion shoot; or should I say, a street style fashion shoot in this case?! You do have your uniqueness when it comes to choose a location and also directing the person to a natural movement – and it shows over and over again in your pictures!
      I’m totally wowed by this shot! It’s so different from my usual fashion portraits! THANK YOU! X X

  2. I really enjoy your blog. A mix of your life history and fashion intelligence. I love learning about your fashion sense. Thank you for sharing them.

    • Oh~ Robert, I’m so happy to hear that!! Thank you for such a positive feed back!! 🙂
      Yes indeed I think I’m telling my life stories through fashion items I’ve loved… And I enjoy sharing them with my readers too!
      There are more to come… Stay turned my friend! X

  3. Whatever the reasons it looks like a classy street style outfit. But it’s really about you and your sense of style. I like the pic also – thanks Kent.

    • Thanks for your feedback Brian.
      Yes indeed it’s about my journey told through my fashion collections!
      I’m sure Kent would be pleased with your feedback – regarding his vision on this joined project we did! X

  4. Hi Viv, How you smartly put the fashion pieces together, and each one has a story of its own!
    I especially love the history of the lovely skirt! 🙂

    Bring them on ❤

    xx Margie

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