A Simple White Shirt – Part Two

A Simple White Shirt - Part Two

Paris, a city which I have long loved and visited many times. In recent years I have started questioning my Paris obsession and frequently thought, ‘Am I done with Paris??’

Once upon a time in Paris…

It was Paris in the spring time, 2012. I had no major plans to do or to see anything; I was just enjoying it’s many spring time charms; strolling by La Seine and enjoying fresh grapes with French blue cheese for lunch, and having one of my favourite French cuisine: Confit Duck and a glass of red wine for dinner; that was indulgence enough for a simple me.

But then I received an email from my New Yorker friend, “I’ll be in Paris in the next few days, let’s catch up for dinner!” It sounded good to me.
Two days later my friend and I met over coffee near the Champs-Élysées. “I’ve booked Maison Louis for eight o’clock tomorrow night.” As I was told. From the reaction when I told my local Parisian friends, Maison Louis was hard to get a booking, its guest list included former US President Bill Clinton and lots of celebrities too. Well, so I was told.

When we turned up to the restaurant ten minutes earlier than our booking, I looked around and got a feeling that the majority of the diners were locals. They were talking quietly and dressed so chic! We ordered, well my friend ordered for me, the house’s signature chicken dish. As soon as we sat down, I asked the waiter to take away the dinner candle, it was too close to the curtain! Did they want to burn the restaurant down?!

As I soaked up the atmosphere, a Parisian woman in a beautifully pressed crisp white shirt who sat across from our table had soon grabbed my attention. Not only did she wear her white shirt the way I love it, with the collar flipped up and her shirt cuffs turned back; and such a great fit I thought it must be tailor made. She wore it with minimal accessories and most importantly with such confidence that I could hardly move my gaze away from her. ‘Ooh la lah~’ I gushed to myself… She totally owned it!

To tell the truth I didn’t remember much else about that evening (neither the chicken dish), but I still do remember how well that Paris Lady wore her white shirt, it left such a strong and lasting impression on me…

Have I really done with Paris? Probably not. Not yet! Not when I still see the people and fashion styles of Paris that keep inspiring me.

Location shot at Sydney Harbour by photographer Road Wang.


  1. Should have snapped out of the trance, walked across and say bonsoir ma chérie to the lady in white, ask her for some fashion secrets!

  2. Hey Vivi! Its a lovely post!
    I would love to see more pictures of this outfit! 😍 Wana visit Paris soon. Its on my “Wish-List”. Also why don’t you check out my Instagram – its @bnb_styles ! Would be fun to follow you! 😘

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