One Dress Two Looks – Series Three

One Dress Two Looks - Series Three

It all started with a framed picture of mine which sat quietly on the corner of my book shelves…

Not only was the frame not flattering to the photo; the way I wore this top-half-all-lace Italian dress was wrong too. Well I wore my black bra inside; therefore, the beautiful lace was disturbed by the bra.
The above two faults – the frame and the way I wore the dress – annoyed me each time I glanced at it. (I couldn’t help it; my rising sign is Libra.) So I decided to do something about it, starting from getting a tight, skin colour slip.

During a trip back to my homeland Taiwan in 2012, I found a tight fitting nude slip at a department store in Taipei. I bought it specifically for wearing it underneath this black lace dress.
Back to Sydney, with a little adjustment made by my Shanghainese seamstress lady Linda, whom I asked to cut the arm holes deeper. It then fitted within the dress perfectly.
I was so excited about giving this vintage dress a fresh start! It’s in such good condition and lace has been very popular in recent years; I thought: ‘This gorgeous vintage SPAZIO CONCEPT creation really does deserve some serious attention NOW!!’

On a Sydney spring day, when my date Kent visited me and I pulled out some ensembles which I had styled myself to get his feed back on. Not only is Kent a fashion photographer, he also gets involved with styling his models and clients’ ranges for his shoots. In other words, Kent is very particular about the FASHION he photographs.
Instead of helping me to find a pair of suitable heels for a Versus dress I chose, Kent had an eye on my SPAZIO vintage number which was hanging there covered by a dry-clean bag.
“Why don’t you try this one on?” He reached and pulled it out. “Wear it with that hat!” He pointed to my black and white circled stripe wide brim hat.
From a pile of heels, Kent picked out a black pointed pair with leather cut out lace ankle cuffs.
“This look works!” Said Kent, authoritatively.

Although it’s different from what I’d go for; I did like Kent’s approach to styling I must admit.
‘Voila!’ The above photo shows our end result! Combining Kent’s styling and photography. I’d rather leave my comment there; as a picture can tell you a thousand words…

Photography by: Kent Johnson


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