One Dress Two Looks – Series Three

One Dress Two Looks - Series Three

Following up the previous ensemble, styled by fashion photographer Kent Johnson. Here’s my take on the same dress – my vintage SPAZIO CONCEPT.

I ‘ditched’ the circled stripe wide brim hat and went for a pair of chandelier drop earrings. These glamorous and detailed earrings were much easier to be seen if I had my hair up; with such a gorgeous pair, I wouldn’t want them to be sunk and hidden in my dark, wavy hair.

These Mario Bologna peep toe heels were a gift to myself when I found a new job four years ago. They are MAJOR! They are fashion statements on their own!!
For a pair of heels like these, it’s easy to leave them in a dark shoe box – treasured yet forgotten. To avoid that, I know I need to create opportunities to wear them, so their purchase is not a waste!

My take on styling this vintage lace dress was louder and more colourful than Kent’s in the previous style. What can I say? I just love that extra glamorous touch to a look!

Self portrait with the collaboration of F. N.


  1. After shooting the above ensemble, later on in the day, I joined my friends Kent and Nyk – both fashion photographers – attended the Emporio Armani – National Art School Postgraduate Show 2013 exhibition.
    Kent grabbed the last light of the day, capturing me in the same dress; the only differences were my earrings and heels. This image soon appeared on Kent’s street fashion blog:
    Click the link below to view the image :

  2. You look absolutely stunning! Lace is such a beautiful fabric, especially black and the way it adds a special touch to simple designs. Thank you for sharing. X

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