Love It Or Doubt It?… The Bodycon Dress

Love It Or Doubt It?... The Bodycon Dress

Never being one who’s ever had a dangerous curves or a super hot body, I’m surprised that I even own a few bodycon dresses…

The very first bodycon dress I tried on, was a black Moschino number when I used to live and work in Taipei, Taiwan in the late 90’s.
I was not quite sure what went through my mind when I looked in the mirror in the change room back then?! I was either feeling over confident, or simply being naive; thinking that somehow magic would happen and I’d pull it off… So I saved up and purchased my first bodycon dress!
Well, let me tell you what the destiny of this black bodycon dress was. After wearing it for two photo shoots, so I had safely documented it, this Moschino creation hasn’t been worn ever since…

You’d think I would have learnt the lesson, wouldn’t you?!
However, several years later, after I had moved back to Sydney from Taipei, I went to check out a Versace factory outlet which was held at Sydney Town Hall. After an intense carpet search through the large warehouse space seeing thousands of items from accessories to garments… Guess what my selection was at the end? A hot pink Versace ( jeans culture ) bodycon dress!
I totally couldn’t resist the lolly-bright hot-pink! To me, it was sexy and ‘oh-so-sweet’!! So, there and then, I purchased my second bodycon dress.

If I had any doubts about wearing this hot pink, attention grabbing Versace piece; it’s because I had completely forgotten the lesson I learnt from my black Moschino. The ‘hard work’ that’s involved in nailing the look; not only did I have to wear a push up bra, I also needed to suck my stomach in – all the time. ( or at least most of the time when not sitting… )
Basically, if we are not top models or have killer curves, this style could be a wrong choice ( or even a nightmare ). The figure hugging style and the pencil skirt line can really show our shape in an unflattering manner; instead of showing our fabulousness.

However, no matter loving it or doubting it, the bodycon dress is no doubt super sexy! And it seems always stay in trend.
Lately I seem to fall for those long-sleeve design, and I always love those cover-up style with touching-knee length. The low cut style appears a bit ‘try hard’ to me… BUT, having said that, if you have a killer body, why not go for it?!
What’s the worst thing that could happen to you by dressing too sexy? You tell me! 😉

Photography by : Road Wang


  1. My first thoughts where…..”Oh no, Bodycon is that related to Milley Cyrus?” Then I looked at your dress and then I thought…”Oh Wow!” The most amazing thing about this dress is that it is tastefully made,, the length of the dress does not sit on your bum cheeks,wonderful length, if you get my drift. The dress is sexy, but very elegant and tastefully made. Yes, I repeated myself twice for emphasis. I would say if you got it flaunt it! Which you have! The colour is stunning also on you. This dress I can see at a New Years function or Dinner cruise on the Sydney harbor. In a wrap wearing this gorgeous dress for the right occasion there is no harm. In America they would say…”Do not wear this in Walmart or paddling the Yukon river in a canoe”:=} Life is short, paint the town fushia pink! :=}

    • Awww.., I love your feedback and thank you for your lovely compliments Ann-maree.
      Well, I’m not sure if I’ve got the figure for the bodycon dress, but thanks to my push up bra and also standing straight at the same time holding my stomach in… The secrets to pull this look off haha!
      Yes, I do think those low cut + barely covering the bum cheeks length + stiletto heels = lack of class! So don’t go there ladies!!

      P.S. The bodycon dress is unlikely to be my top choice if I’m going to meet a new date!! 😉

  2. Hi Vivienne, I so agree with you. The body con dress is so hard to wear but even harder to photograph, so well done here! And by the way everyone has to suck their tummy in when wearing one – even skinny models! But when it looks good… it usually looks great! Keep up the great posts.



    • Thank you for your insightful feedback Kent! Well, for a long time that I thought only us ordinary girls (aka non models) having a hard time pulling off the bodycon dress!
      Meanwhile, I believe that to stand straight and to hold our tummy in is not a bad thing to do at all – it makes us looking better in these tight dresses (or any outfit)!

  3. “Never being one who’s ever had a dangerous curves or a super hot body” – excuse me?! According to this pic you do have dangerous curves! ))

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