My Autumn/Winter Essentials – The Beret

My Autumn / Winter Essentials - The Beret

There is something about wearing a beret that I love…
As soon as I put one on, my whole look would instantly be given a European feel to it…

Except for summer, I wear berets all year round.
Not only are they très chic, they are also very easy to be rolled up and carried around.
Whenever I happened to be in Montmartre, Paris, I just loved seeing those artists in their berets. I jockingly called Montmartre the ‘home of berets’! I guess that’s the European or should I say French – feel it gives to the world. Well, according to the history, a mass production of berets began in the 19th century’s France and Spain, clearly, the association with these countries remains.

I’ve had this red beret – the one I wore in this picture – for years. Although lately I seem favouring those softer colours, such as cream, grey and dusty pink, this deep red beret is still on my favourite list!

Photography by : Road Wang


  1. I live in Beanie’s for Winter. The Winters are so brutal here it is nice to have your neck and ears covered in the snow and wind. We had 55mile hour winds last night and the temperatures dropped down to 2c I think we are going into our second Winter!!! Onto your Beret I love it stylish cute and it would match most wonderful Winter outfits. But when you come to Utah…..I will hand you a Beanie:=}

    • I hear you Ann-maree. Looking stylish doesn’t always mean keeping warm! It would be great to have both though! I like the Beanie too; it’s like the cousin of the Beret to me! 🙂
      Thank you for offering me a beanie, I’ll exchange a beret with you, how’s that? 😀

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