My Autumn/Winter Essentials – The One-For-All Jacket

My Autumn/Winter Essentials - The One-For-All Jacket

By saying ‘one-for-all’, I do not mean an uni-sex style. What I mean is a jacket which pretty much covers all my occasions and outings; such as : galleries, art openings, movies, theatres, cafe, bars…ext. In other words, this jacket fits very well with my life style.

Just before I started this blog post, I was in a dilemma, trying to decide between my pink Trussardi jacket and this vintage Isabelle Wen’s ( 溫慶珠 – Taiwanese fashion designer ) dark grey jacket decorated by camel hair collar.
I can wear both ( not at the same time of course ) just about anywhere! It’s hard to pick one as my ultimate one-for-all winter jacket as they are so different style-wise. My pink Trussardi has double lined/breasted buttons and the shape is more structured compared to this zip-up wool jacket.

The thing is, my one-for-all jacket is not necessary your one-for-all jacket. For someone who goes to the gym a lot, you might find it too fancy; however, for someone who goes clubbing a lot, most likely you would find it not edgy enough.

We all have this one-for-all jacket which we wear to death. As for me, I’m just going to accept the fact that I have two of them – and they are as versatile and fabulous as one another!

Photography by : Road Wang


  1. A great ensemble! The jacket is the Chanel’s “must-have,” the pink pencil skirt is an awesome surprise, and the collar is accented beautifully. What is amazing is that you can put all together with effortless class and taste! 🙂

    • Thank you for your compliments and what a lovely feedback from you dearest Margie! 🙂
      Oh I wish it’s Chanel’s ‘little black jacket’! Well, I’m pretty happy with mine and I’m wearing it ‘to death’, as this jacket’s zip has just broken… But, it’ll soon be fixed and still be my most go-for winter wear this season!

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