My Autumn/Winter Essentials – A Black Blazer

My Autumn/Winter Essentials - A Black Blazer

The romantic comedy ‘Pretty Woman’ was the big hit movie of 1990. Not only did it make Julia Roberts a household name, the movie rocked the fashion world too!

Women around the world were lusting after the fashion Julia’s character Vivian wore; such as: above knee boots, the ‘boy friend shirt’, the polka dot dress, black lace cocktail dress; and, how could we forget, her white T-shirt, black blazer and blue jeans ensemble from the movie’s last scene when Edward ( Richard Gere ) ‘rescues’ Vivian on her fire escape.
Back then I remember seeing women everywhere mimicking the white Tee, black blazer and blue jeans look. Such a classic smart casual style! As a teenager, I couldn’t afford the top quality black blazer my teenage heart desired. The T-shirt and jeans were much easier to manage. So, a well fitted, good quality black blazer has stuck in my mind ever since.

These days, the timeless black blazer seems to be getting shorter and more structured. Not only does it make tailored trousers look posh; it also smartens up a girly floral dress.
In my opinion, the black blazer is not only a wardrobe essential; it is truly, THE short cut to looking polished!

Self portrait with the collaboration of F. N.


  1. Hi, Vivienne, what year was that? you were in Taipei, I was in Yilan. You led me to see “Pretty Woman”, you said I must see it, it was complicated for me, i was a small town girl like you were, then you were urbanized. Yes, this movie teaches me many many things, scene would come out to match real life, elegant figure, girly charm, smile, long legs, hippocratic shopgirls, friendly hearts hiding in cynical appearances, relationships, romance and hero in a woman’s life, so many, no wonder it’s a must see!

    I have many thanks to you, bringing it into my life, years after, the movie has replayed on TV many times, my brother, mother and I would watch it together, we love that movie, so funny when play “It must have been love”, the limo drove Vivian away, my mother said it “so sad and romantic”, obviously music is better than words. Yes I still live in the influence of “Pretty Woman”, it’s a classic, Julia Roberts has educated so many girls to be a brave beauty. she is so blessed with a twin, I admire her, and in real life I only knew one Pretty Woman, and that is you, like the movie, luck a good guy you deserve ! Cheers ! Cinderfunkyrella~

    • How beautiful was our good old time Limin!!! I’m very touched by you who still remember it all…
      It’s life.., we are constantly influenced and inspired by people we come across or movies we love. I’m glad that this movie and even myself are a part of your sweet memories. Although we are apart for all these years, you; our home town Yilan and what we have experienced are in my daily thoughts…

      Thank you so much my dearest friend.., I’m so very happy to hear this from you!

      Love from Sydney X x X

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