My Autumn/Winter Essentials – Tights And Pantyhose

My Autumn/Winter Essentials - Tights And Pantyhose

After seeing snow for the very first time in my life in Paris, I soon saw snow again in Liverpool, UK.
It was towards to the end of my four months’ European stay in the end of November 2005, I had to return to Liverpool from Paris to collect my luggage which I left with friends. The TV news was reporting Manchester was experiencing a record cold November – with 12 frozen nights and counting.
Liverpool – not far from Manchester – was no escape from the big chill.

Funny enough! In such low temperature, like, below zero, we still saw a few young girls in Liverpool wearing mini skirts with bare legs and even open-toe heels out clubbing… Well, these girls can call me a wimp, but I definitely need my tights to keep myself warm; especially when I happen to wear a skirt or a dress.

Of course, wearing thick tights or pantyhose not only keeps my legs warm on cold days, they flatter the shape of my legs too!
Occasionally, I do see some nice long legs pulling off a pair of patterned or animal print pantyhose. I love the ‘Let’s have some fun in winter fashion!’ attitude; along with the confidence from having well toned, legs-that-never-end!
However, as someone who doesn’t have legs up to my armpits, I tend to choose the ‘magic’ black tights. Not only do they make my legs look slimmer; they make me appear taller too – especially when wearing my black boots or high heels.

These days, I’ve grown to liking the bright colours, also shimmering metallic, patterned and animal print tights and pantyhose. They are fun to wear and at the same time, an attention grabbing statement for our legs! 😉

Self portrait with the collaboration of F.N.


  1. Love that this snow story has a picture of tights in bright sunshine! Have got to love a chilly but sunny Sydney day; and having not experienced snow till later in life myself.. reinforces the shock of the cold! Great story, thank you Vivienne.

    • I’m glad that you get my humour Kent. 😉
      Sydney winter is perfect for people who don’t want to be all cover-up, it’s never unbearably cold after all! Well today it reached 19C, sunny and dry, I did see lots of skirts and pantyhose when I was out and about.

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