My Autumn/Winter Essentials – Scarves And Wraps


Wearing a winter scarf or a wrap sounds very simple; it is however, if we do it with a little extra effort, this accessory can make our entire look!

Back to 2002 when I was learning French in Paris, on a late Autumn day as I strolled about the city – as I always do whenever I’m in Paris. I remember seeing a well dressed young man walking my way. This fine looking man wore a well fitted navy blazer with a blue velvet scarf tied as a bow around his neck – a large bow!
‘Wow! Here comes a prince!’ I said to myself. I was stunned by how elegant he looked when this ‘prince of style’ walked past me. Clearly years later this European ‘prince’ and his posh ensemble is still impressing me. Since then I haven’t seen any men wearing big velvet bows around their necks like he did…

As for this winter, the neck wear is chunky, knitted and large! In other words, it’s much more laid back compares to a big velvet bow.
Well, if you are into knitting, now’s the perfect time to knit yourself a chunky version of this season’s trendest accessories!

Self portrait with the collaboration of Imi Mir.


    • Thank you Kent.
      Well, as I mentioned in my article, I have not seen another person wearing a blue velvet scarf tied as a bow. If you like the style, why not pay a visit to the fabric store and get yourself a specially made velvet wrap? Good idea? 😉

  1. I think I must live in one of the coldest places on earth. I know there are other places colder than Utah, USA, however, on those frigid twenty below zero days, when we are neck deep in snow and the winds whip off the Wastach mountains………I am so incredibly thankful for my knitted scarves and wraps. My favourite wrap is huge, my step-kids purchased for me for Christmas. This wrap is has the most wonderful Aztec black and gray pattern on it. What I love so much about it, it covers my chest and my neck fully. Also, it makes a wonderful lap blanket. Your legs can get so cold in Winter. It is stylish to go with my long black wool coat and practical, because hey girls sexy and bare is not in in these temperatures! My next favourite is a shawl that my sister purchased for me for Christmas, it’s a beautiful chocolate crocheted triangle with a wonderful fringe. I wear that out when I go dinner it matches wonderfully with my burgundy jumper. Plus, finally, I have a dozen, weird and wonderful and artistically challenged scarfs, guaranteed to place a smile on anyone’s face. We need those splashes of colour from our scarfs in Winter along with their practicality. Now as Summer has begun in the Northern Hemisphere, my scarfs sit waiting for their next opportunity to showcase their talent, ( a bit of personification for you, smiles). And to that guy with that wonderful bow, you rock!

    • Oh, Ann-maree, I just love how entertaining it is the way you share your own scarf story!
      Yes I agree “we need those splashes of colour from our scarves in winter” – they’d add some fun to our winter indeed!

      Are your step-kids fashionistas? 😉 Those chunky, knitted wraps ARE this winter’s must-have! Lately I do see girls in Sydney wearing their T-shirts with them, I guess that’s a Sydney thing – we can get away with Tee and scarves!
      Thank you again for your lovely feedback! X

  2. I would love to see how the young man you talked about wore that scarf. Maybe I’ll go to Paris and find out for myself 😉 I love a good chunky scarf. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Viv, yes, this is the time in Los Angeles where layers are not only a fashion statement but a comfort necessity. They come in scarves, sweaters, pullovers, blazers and hoodies, the Vetements’ hoodies are the exceptional, one can only spot them in Rodeo Drive 🙂 Yesterday was 47 degrees! Here’s looking forward to more of your winter tips.

    • It’s always a pleasure to hear from you dearest Margie. A contrast to your cold winter in Los Angeles, here in Sydney we are having a hot; humid, Asia-like summer, so no layers for me right now. I know I haven’t been blogging for over three weeks, today I will publish a post! Stay tuned! Much love!! ❤

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