‘We Are The Writing People’ – At Montblanc Black & White Event Sydney 2014

640-AdjSEV2-F6635‘A pen is a writer’s best friend.’ Perhaps at this time, when the majority are happily choosing to use the computer to write; one might expect the sentence above to end with a question mark.

As a writer, I can honestly say that throughout my writing career, I preferred to write, and still DO prefer to write with a pen. And that, in this computer-dominant era, is something getting rarer and rarer.
So, when Kent and I received the invitation to the Montblanc Black and White Event – celebrating its iconic Meisterstück collection’s 90th anniversary – for someone who has refused to ‘move on’ to computer writing like myself, that invitation means something rather special to me.

We arrived at the picturesque upper deck of Jones Bay Wharf, over looking the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Doltone House was where Montblanc hosted this media launch.
Looking around, most of the guests were in black suits, some, like myself, had worn black and white as it was the theme of the event.
After being provided some light breakfast, we were asked to gather for a welcoming speech by Montblanc Australia’s GM Randall Foote.
During a campaign video, in which Australian actor Hugh Jackman – the new Montblanc globle embassador – candidly shares his passion of hand writing his diary… When everyone was quietly indulging in Hugh Jackman’s charm, I had a flash back of my last published book in 2002…

It was a book I translated for Taiwan’s Morning Star Publishing Inc. I was commissioned to translate the English book ‘How To Seduce Your Dream Man’ (by author Anna Maxted, published by Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.) into Chinese.
Back then, I remember, instead of e-mailing my editor in Taiwan my work, I mailed him my hand written translations by post. Despite my editor’s endless complaints, I managed to deliver all my work in hand writing by the deadline. However, surprise; surprise!! That happened to be the last translation work I was offered.
“We are the writing people…” As my thought travelled back to this room, I heard Mr. Foote says in his speech.
‘Indeed. I AM.’ I thought.

To be continued…

Many thanks to photographer Kent Johnson who captured the moment when I was signing the guest book with the iconic Meisterstück 149 Fountain Pen on arrival of the Montblanc Black and White Event.



  1. Love Montblanc pens so much, and you should be a Montblanc model girl as well!! I too have a love and passion for writing and I have several vintage fountain pens, (1937-47) that I use on a daily basis. If your life is worth living, it must be worth recording…Beautiful my friend Vivienne !!

    • I love your feedback Frank.
      Not only that ‘we are the writing people’, you actually do own several vintage fountain pens and on top of that, you DO write with them on a dairy basis! That’s very encouraging as I was a bit worried that hand writing is going to be a dying art…

      Thanks for your compliments too. Cheers to us – the ‘writing people’!! 😉

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