Writing History – Celebrating The 90th Anniversary Of Montblanc Iconic Meisterstück


After being shown two videos of Hugh Jackman’s Montblanc campaign, we were invited to upstairs to view some of Montblanc products; selected from its over 4,500 items.
Of course, besides the brand’s flagship fountain pens – or as some prefer to call them, writing instruments – there were watches; fine jewellery; leather goods; accessories and new novelties for 2014.

As we were browsing among these products, one question from a technology-nerd friend of mine arose in my head: “Do people these days still use watches and pens?”
Well, this question was not completely unreasonable; let’s think about it, a mobile phone today is also our bank; post office; alarm clock; dictionary; calculator; calendar; newspaper; magazines; camera; music player and so much more, including our time teller.
‘That’s right! Why do people nowadays still need watches and/or good pens?’ I asked myself.
As we all know they are accessories too and symbols of status.
But, ‘Could they be more than accessories and symbols of status?’ I wondered.

Looking back to my own experience; I knew why exactly I had to buy a watch for myself in Manhattan back in 2001. That’s because after just experienced 911 tragic event, I wanted to remember that historical ‘time’ I had during that visit. I also have a collection of my late grandmother’s hand written letters. Keeping them all somehow making me feel closer to her whenever I touch or re-read them…
Therefore, it’s the sentimental reasons which a mobile phone or a computer can not replace.

As we celebrated the writing legacy 90 years of Montblanc and the Meisterstück have made; for someone who still hand writes letters to relatives and friends like myself, I was truly proud and happy to be a small part of this world wide celebrations.

For more images of the Montblanc Black & White Event, simply check out Kent Johnson’s Street Fashion Sydney blog!



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