Head To Toe Black Is My Never Fail Solution

822-15There’s something about classic head-to-toe-black that you just can’t beat. No matter what the trend is; what colours are in, head-to-toe-black always seems fashionable in the ever changing fashion world.

Personally, I love head-to-toe-black; not only is the look très chic – just imagine; a set of tailored black trousers and a fitted blazer can save us so much headache from trying to pick the ‘right’ outfit. And they are never boring. By mixing black on black with different fabrics; such as: lace; mesh; leather; silk; velvet and adding fringes or beaded details… Black’s timeless style truly has endless versatility.

In my opinion, a woman does not need to fill her wardrobe with the latest trends; however, I do fill my wardrobe with enough black basics: They are black Tee-style tops and black jeans. Together with my fancy black garments; like a chiffon blouse with ruffle front; an all-beaded black sleeveless top with black feathers… And of course, my black pencil pants and well fitted black blazers…
I know I can play mix and match with them. They are my never fail solution when it comes to most occasions.

Photography by: Road Wang



  1. Totally agree! Black ensemble is indeed my fave. I just find myself reaching for it whenever I have those “I have nothing to wear”. haha!

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