Scandinavian Elegance – My Highlight Of Sydney VFNO 2014

640-AdjSEV2Crp-F8263On the evening of the 4th September, was held Australia’s 5th (globally 6th) Vogue Fashion’s Night Out (VFNO).

As a growing annual shopping event, even Sydney’s early spring chill and showers could not stop shopping lovers; fashion enthusiasts and party goers enjoying a night out of retail therapy at this shopping extravaganza.
For me, VFNO is not just about flowing champagne; runway shows; special offers; free gifts and/or live entertainment, it’s also about discovering something fresh and new. Therefore, with that idea in mind, I suggested my dear friend, fashion photographer Kent Johnson to attend one of several invites he’s received of the night.

As soon as we walked the black carpet, we were greeted in the store by an angelic looking woman – tall, blond and with blue eyes.
“It’s cold outside, isn’t it?” She said with a warm welcoming smile.
‘Spring is now officially the new winter!’ I replied.
During the introduction, we discovered this angelic woman is Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen‘s Australia and New Zealand country manager Kamilla.
Kamilla impressed us with her knowledge of the jewellery and the brand. Our champagne was provided and we soon learnt that Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is a Danish family business, proudly known “Purveyors to The Royal Danish Court for over 40 years”, and also “favoured by Crown Princess Mary”.
“We were very lucky to have Crown Princess Mary to open our store in October last year…” Kamilla said, “She is a good friend of the brand’s founder; also the designer Ole Lynggaard.”

While Kamilla was showing Kent their charm collection; designed by Ole Lynggaard’s daughter Charlotte, I admired the gold snake and several Lotus rings on Kamilla’s fingers.., of course, these exquisite pieces were all from the brand’s range.
By then Kent and I had received an intimate introduction to the range by Kamilla herself, we were very lucky to enjoy some private viewing time. It showed a fine jewellery brand like Ole Lynggaard was driven by quality.

‘There is definitely an aura about the design that makes the brand shining quietly.’ I thought, at the same time, trying to figure it out.
As I looked at Kamilla and her lovely team while Kent was directing them for some portrait shots, I watched their movement and their smile… Suddenly, I figured it out there and then – it must be the Scandinavian elegance.

Main picture by: Kent Johnson

For Kent’s story and more images of our VFNO Sydney 2014, simply go to Street Fashion Sydney!


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