It’s Spring… Think Floral And Botanical

1014-02When it comes to spring, we think of blossoms; therefore, in the fashion world, what would be the best way to channel the spirit of spring other than wearing floral!

If you think the above statement is cliché and/or you are simply not a fan of the femininity of floral.., well, think again! As of spring/summer 14/15, designers have taken our ‘blooming affair’ to a new level.
This modern take on floral; including: floral on floral; super subtle floral; non-floral floral ( such as the leaf print ); floral clashing with unexpected print and floral suits… The reincarnation of the pretty art print floral has just been added so much fun and possibility to the classic look.

As for me, my love for a floral garment was from way way back to my childhood time when I was given a bright pink and blue floral print quilted winter coat by my beloved grandmother. I have never ‘fallen out of love’ with floral since.
With all the varieties of floral and botanical print to choose from, I still love the bright pop floral the most. Yes, the loud ones. What can I say?! I just love looking at those vibrant fashion blossoms!

Photography by: Road Wang


  1. Vivienne you know I’m not a huge fan of floral prints as its kind of too feminine and I’m little edgy and quirky a little on the lines of tom boy, but you are looking super hot in this especially that hat that you are flaunting :* Great post hun ❤ !!!

  2. I am a floral nut! I have just won a beautiful long flowing dress with straps with beautiful roses red and pink on a white background. I love floral prints in Spring. You certainly cannot go wrong.

  3. You bloom my mind with floral blue, red and purple,
    now I know it is truly Spring!
    Thank you for bringing this season upon us,
    what better time to renew creativity and passion?

  4. It’s a very elegant picture, you look so beautiful in it Vivienne! It’s Spring here in Taiwan not too hot yet and it’s good for travelling! Lotung is a very tiny sweet town, it’s also the most visited place in Taiwan in recent years, lots of beautiful villas and B&B, sincerely calling you home home home… It would be a real big pleasure for me if I have the chance to see you again!

    • Thank you for your compliments and a hearty message Yvonne. It’s funny how you mentioned Luodong and ‘home’.., do you know I was actually born in Luodong’s Bo-ai Hospital 羅東博愛醫院 ? In a way, Luodong IS my ‘birth home’!
      In my 2009’s Taiwan visit, my aunt took us to Luodong Sports Park 羅東運動公園, and it’s so lovely there. I’m not sure when I’ll go back to Taiwan again for a visit; but I’m sure we’ll let you know when I do so. Love & hugs! X

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