It’s Spring… Get In Touch With The Earth Tone Trend

E-3Spring is awakening. Spring is the time to return to nature.
Picturing soils; trees; rocks; sand and minerals… They draw us to the colour palette of browns; blush; greens; tans; burnt orange; greys; taupe; khaki and so many more.

A girl friend of mine who only wears earth tone fashion, because she believes that only earth tones compliment her skin colour.
I often think this colour group is too much of ‘blend in with the background’ look; however, by saying that; interestingly, I happen to wear earth tone outfits almost on a daily basis.
Luckily, they are very easy to be accessorize. I love adding gold or brass accessories to make the whole ‘earthy look’ stands out – with a glamorous twist!

While many think earth tone belongs to autumn, I believe it applies to spring too.
This spring, why not give earth tone a try; give these muted colours a lift with metallic accessories and make the look spring’s hottest trend!

Photography by: Tsong-Chii, Lynn


  1. 為什麼每件衣服穿在妳身上或出自妳筆下的形容都是那麼的美麗與吸引人…
    只能給妳無限個讚! 🙂

  2. Woooooow you’re so beautiful! Classic beauty..
    I think earth tone reminds me of Pocha Hontas! haha 🙂
    Nice post ^_^

  3. Very nice. It’s like…you’ve been snapped just in time, before you disappear back in to the jungle. Love spring. A time of renewal.

    • Haha~ Love your feedback Kenny.
      Enjoy this renewal season! Oh, and you are in Paris.., what a magic city to witness and celebrate the beauty of spring!

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