It’s Spring… Time To Create A Stylish Racing Ensemble

_DSC0809 copyLet’s face it! For fashionistas, the arrival of the Spring Racing Carnival is not just about picking the winning horse. Spring Carnival is time to hunt a spectacular race hat or a head piece which completes our entire look!

This year, the black and white contemporary ensemble is leading the trend on the fashion field, other fashionable choices including: lace; stripe; white; bold print; floral and pencil skirts.., just to name a few.
There is no set rule to say whether we should buy a hat to match an outfit or an outfit to match a hat – it’s up to you. The important thing here is how we tell a story with our ensemble.
The head to toe styling can be in harmony or colour clashing, it can be romantic; ‘My Fair Lady’ inspired; WOW-factor; futurist, or simply tells a modern, clean lined story – as long as we make it work.

As a hat lover, I’m excited about the Spring Racing Carnival. I so enjoy this frock-and-hat-fest!
‘Hats off’ to those fashionistas who dare to take a risk in the name of creating a bravo-worthy look!

Self portrait with the collaboration of F.N.


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