Monthly Archives: November 2014

My Wardrobe Essentials This Summer – A Little Black Dress

About two weeks ago, I’ve received a plus-one invite from my favourite fashion/portrait photographer; also the creator of Street Fashion Sydney blog: Kent Johnson. The occasion is to attend the exclusive party of Ganton men’s shirts’ 40 years celebration. The ‘Major Prize Winner’ of ‘Search for the Ganton Man Competition’ will be announced at the […]

My Wardrobe Essentials This Summer – A Versatile Top

It seems like that I’m forever looking for a versatile summer top; which is unique; chic; a touch of glamour and/or exotic; yet it also has the ‘I-just-threw-it-on’ effortless attitude to it. Does such a top exist? Of course! At least I’d like to think some of the tops in my wardrobe come close. This […]

My Wardrobe Essentials This Summer – A White Cotton Dress

Whenever I see an all white cotton dress; it reminds me of summer and youth. The lightness of the colour and fabric makes the look so innocent and sweet, it’s the completely opposite from the dark, moody gothic style. This kind of ‘sunshine-lollipop’ pretty can also be toned down by adding a black blazer and […]

My Wardrobe Essentials This Summer – A Panama Hat

A dozen years ago; I purchased my first Panama hat, since then I’ve never fallen out of love with the Panama. Although the love story of my first Panama ended in a hat tragedy – a runner robbed it right off my head while I was wearing it in Paris, summer 2011… I soon replaced […]

What We Did At Sandra’s Elephant Studio

As I stepped onto our second background on the day; which was a dark grey, hand painted fabric and me wearing my black bodycon dress.., I knew I was in for a new experience. There are plenty ways to showcase an outfit; I chose to hold my black blazer instead of wearing it. Sandra carefully […]