My Wardrobe Essentials This Summer – A Versatile Top

1018-11It seems like that I’m forever looking for a versatile summer top; which is unique; chic; a touch of glamour and/or exotic; yet it also has the ‘I-just-threw-it-on’ effortless attitude to it.

Does such a top exist? Of course! At least I’d like to think some of the tops in my wardrobe come close.
This asymmetric single sleeve summer top I wore in this shot has always been my top choice for a summer outing. I’ve worn it with my blue jeans and a cow girl hat when I climbed the Great Wall near Beijing, 2009.., I also wore it with my Panama hat and shorts while sipping my cocktails in the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris, during last year’s European summer.

This vintage top is among my favourites when I want to look effortlessly chic and I just can’t get over it!
If you find your magic top which is going to serve you on many different occasions, hold on to it; you’ll wear it over and over again…

Photography by: Road Wang


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