My Wardrobe Essentials This Summer – A Little Black Dress

517-04About two weeks ago, I’ve received a plus-one invite from my favourite fashion/portrait photographer; also the creator of Street Fashion Sydney blog: Kent Johnson. The occasion is to attend the exclusive party of Ganton men’s shirts’ 40 years celebration. The ‘Major Prize Winner’ of ‘Search for the Ganton Man Competition’ will be announced at the event.

As a woman ( and now a blogger ), the very first thing came to mind was: ‘What do I wear?’ So I narrow down my choices to the below three, and here they are:

1) A cherry print bodycon dress
It’s playful and sexy; however, as it’s a skin tight, figure hugging dress, I might feel self conscious through out the whole night.., plus I’ll have to keep reminding myself to suck the stomach in while enjoying some nibbles.

2) A metallic dress
It’s no doubt glamorous and has the Moroccan princess kind of exotic chic to the look! What not to love?!
My only concern here is that; it’s clearly attention grabbing, therefore, I feel like that I’m trying to steal the limelight from those gentlemen in ‘Ganton Man Competition’. If I were the hostess who’s giving out the award at the event, then that wouldn’t be an issue.

3) Last but not least: A little black dress
Well, as we know, the little black dress is sexy yet sophisticated; glamorous without being too loud; it’s elegant; chic and timeless…

Needless to say, my best bet here to accompany Kent for tonight’s Ganton party, is my little black dress!
Oh wait a minute; now I have two hours to decide on which black dress I’m wearing…

Self portrait with the collaboration of F. N.

For the full coverage of Ganton event & more photos, simply check out Kent’s Street Fashion Sydney blog post here!


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