Monthly Archives: December 2014

Thoughts And Notes From My Recent Studio Shoot

The minute I agreed to do a collaboration shoot with my friend – fashion model turned photographer – Sandra Ramacher, I asked myself: ‘What can I bring to the shoot?’ For someone who’s been doing self portraits on location for years, a photo shoot in a studio is exciting yet confronting. Exciting, because of the […]

My Wardrobe Essentials This Summer – A Beaded Cocktail Dress

My most memorable beaded dress of all time, was a ‘silver-tube ensemble’ – 銀管裝, as we called it in Taiwan; worn by one of Taiwan’s most glamorous and famous singers and entertainers (from the 70’s to the 90’s) Louise Tsuei 崔苔菁. That silver-tube, beaded and fringed costume Louise wore in 1981, wowed the whole nation! Louise […]

My Wardrobe Essentials This Summer – A Pair Of White Denim Pants

I’ve never considered my legs white denim pants (aka white jeans) material. Not only because I don’t think they are long and slim enough; I eat out in Chinatown quite often so that gives me ‘soy sauce danger’ when it comes to wearing white pants. Knowing that many girl friends of mine also find wearing […]