My Wardrobe Essentials This Summer – A Pair Of White Denim Pants

108-13I’ve never considered my legs white denim pants (aka white jeans) material. Not only because I don’t think they are long and slim enough; I eat out in Chinatown quite often so that gives me ‘soy sauce danger’ when it comes to wearing white pants.

Knowing that many girl friends of mine also find wearing white jeans a challenge: not only that wearing white alone means high maintenance – with more cleaning require. A pair of white jeans often makes our butt and thigh look bigger…
So, what changed my mind?
To tell the truth I’ve been encouraged by Liz Hurley. Of course, not miss Hurley herself in person; however, by watching her rock her ‘infamous’ white pants with such confidence makes me realize that we don’t actually need to have super skinny or endless long legs to pull off the look.
Ever since I introduced my first pair of white denim pants to my wardrobe, there’s been no going back.

What I love about these white denim pants is; by throwing a white/navy stripe top on, ‘Voilà!’ It’s French Riviera chic!
Simply pair them with any shirt; it gives a relax yet polish look.
For the evening occasions, I love choosing something bling-bling to go with it: either a sleeveless metallic top; a chain belt or bejewelled heeled sandals.., adding a blazer is also good for the night out!

I’m not sure if miss Hurley would be proud of my white denim ensemble, but I’m certainly enjoying my Liz Hurley moment whenever I’m walking down the street in my white jeans!

Self portrait with the collaboration of F. N.


  1. White pants are an amazing accessory to have to any Spring or Summer wardrobe. I have a pair of white cotton pants and a pair of white pants elastic material that reach the knee’s. They can be wore day or night, also for many occasions. The best thing to team your pants up with is a pretty pair of flat sandals, I love my gold pair. However, you can go as fancy as you like with your sandals, jewels and patterns, highlight the pants. Last Summer in the USA, orange was the big colour must have for tunic tops and t-shirts. This colour makes the white pants pop. Going out at night for drinks no problem, a nice pair of heels and a shimmery top to match your white pants or less formal occasion, a nice black top and black heels. Finally, to wrap it all up the world is your oyster if you have some white pants, comfortable, easy to accessorize and altogether sexy.

    • Well~ You said it all Ann-maree. Some white pants company should hire you as their stylist! 😉
      Like the bright orange as last year’s trend; this summer’s must-have is lime – it’s everywhere! I’m so glad to hear a positive feedback from you. Cheers~ to the white pants we love!

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