My Wardrobe Essentials This Summer – A Beaded Cocktail Dress

640-Adj_DSC0178 copy

My most memorable beaded dress of all time, was a ‘silver-tube ensemble’ – 銀管裝, as we called it in Taiwan; worn by one of Taiwan’s most glamorous and famous singers and entertainers (from the 70’s to the 90’s) Louise Tsuei 崔苔菁.

That silver-tube, beaded and fringed costume Louise wore in 1981, wowed the whole nation! Louise won her ‘Sexy Goddess’ nickname that she has held onto ever since.
Truly, a beaded dress is super glamorous; it has WOW factor and The Great Gatsby era luxury look.
Many years after and no longer that little girl admiring Louise Tsuei’s metallic beaded ensemble; I decided to get myself a beaded cocktail dress.

When I finally spotted this detail beaded dress, which featuring a blouson style top and a fitted skirt, also with a deep V back, it was love at the first sight!
With the new year approaching, it’s certainly on my top choice to-wear list for attending any New Year celebration party.

When I google searched for Louise’s 1981 album 但是又何奈專輯, I found a YouYube clip of Louise wearing her famous ‘silver-tube ensemble’. It took me right back to that little girl adoring her in front of the TV.., I was so excited; emotional and I had tears of joy!! I was singing along, lost in times past…
Unfortunately, that video clip has been taken down due to violating copyright. Although we don’t have the music video to watch, let’s take a look at the image below – Louise Tsuei the ‘Eastern Marilyn Monroe’ in her infamous ‘silver-tube ensemble’.

Main photo credit: Kent Johnson

silver tube ensemble


  1. Thanks for the credit Viv, always great working on pictures with you. What a great day for pictures, the reclining shot from this shoot is still my fav, love the light in this one though. xx.

  2. That stunning dress is making me wish it was summer here in Crete. Gorgeous detailing, elegant and whimsical at the same time!

    • Your feedback has put a BIG smile on my face Fia! 😀 Summer is worth celebrating; it puts us on the mood to dress up; going out and enjoy the long hot summer night!!! (in shining beaded cocktail dress of course!) 😉

  3. Waaauww, looks stunning. And i like the combination with a deep V-back. It definitely completes the dress. I make dresses myself, and I always try to focus on the back, since that gives your dress that extra glamorous look.
    Lafinetune 🙂

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