Thoughts And Notes From My Recent Studio Shoot

20141013_vivalaviv_0196-EditThe minute I agreed to do a collaboration shoot with my friend – fashion model turned photographer – Sandra Ramacher, I asked myself: ‘What can I bring to the shoot?’

For someone who’s been doing self portraits on location for years, a photo shoot in a studio is exciting yet confronting. Exciting, because of the change; confronting, because ‘I’ will have to tell the story, without the help of the ocean; the trees; the architecture and so on.
My selection of outfits for the photo shoot was simple – true to my minimalist style – but definitely not random. Knowing that studio photography can excel at capturing the details of fabrics, I specifically packed a machine crushed Yoshiki Hishinuma top to match my iROO mesh skirt, as they both have interesting textures.

I also wanted to re-shoot my vintage black Moschino bodycon dress. What happened previously resulted in the details of the same colour ruffle which run through the dress in squared lines not appearing clearly in a past location shoot.
By looking at this picture Sandra captured at her ‘Elephant Studio’ ( she has elephant items placed all around ), I’m happy with the result as the ruffle details can now be clearly seen. I finally feel that we’ve done justice to this black number!

So, what exactly did I bring to the shoot?
Well, in a studio where there’s nothing between the studio light and myself.., I learnt to connect with my inner emotion. Just be honest; just indulge in being; just let go; just be there whenever I heard the camera going ‘click!’ ‘click!’ ‘click!’

Photography by: Sandra Ramacher


  1. “I learnt to connect with my inner emotion. Just be honest; just indulge in being; just let go; just be there whenever… ” That’s an amazing achievement. I know a lot of people who have trouble connecting with their inner emotions.

    INDULGE IN BEING – those words should go on a poster.

    Also, the Moschino bodycon dress is not easiest piece to pull off… but it looks phenomenal on you. The image has an assertive yet feminine vibe. It speaks of inner strength but there’s also a softness and a hint of romance. Awesome!

    • Thank you; THANK YOU for your kind thoughts and compliments Fia. :-*
      Sometimes I feel that I’m much closer and more connected with my fellow bloggers.., it’s amazing to share lots of ‘stuff’ with people (strangers mostly) around the world and be understood and get support… And that’s what YOU makes me feel Fia! It’s awesome!!! 😀

  2. I feel the same way 🙂 I have made meaningful connections with people through blogging. I have shared my experiences and received an amazing amount of support and encouragement. And I’m constantly learning things from other bloggers. Now I’ve met you, Viv, and I’m thrilled!

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