My Current Obsession Is… The Envelope Clutch

640-AdjSE_9642 copyThe way I see a woman’s handbag and her clutch is different.
To me, a handbag should be functional; it reflects the user’s personality and her life style. As for a clutch, I see it and treat it as a piece of jewellery – it’s the ‘icing on the cake’ to the ensemble; it’s the jewel that ‘pops’ our outfit!

With that in mind, there’s no surprise that most of the clutches I have, are either beaded or metallic – think jewellery – that is until recently…
Lately I have fallen in love with the envelope clutch… The ‘X-factor’ about an envelope clutch is, it combines the old time charm (Let’s face it! You and I hardly write letters any more!) and the modern look; in which, the envelope clutch is thin; sharp and smart looking.
Because of this old charm/cool look combination; it makes the envelope clutch quirky and chic!

Right now I’m obsessed by my red envelope clutch; it’s a new addition to my other clutches. It doesn’t shine like a piece of jewellery, but it does stand out among other bling-bling.

Photography by: Kent Johnson


  1. Let me tell you my though about this photo…

    It was a magic afternoon to be on location with photographer Kent Johnson. I’ve booked Kent for shoots for quite a few times now, each time we still discover something new and fresh.

    Although I normally have a strong vision of how I want my pictures to look, Kent always bring his own vision to shoots as well. This shot by the oriental pond was totally Kent’s idea, it was one of the three looks we did that afternoon.

    To me, this image has an animation feel to it; it reminds me of a plastic doll!! 🙂 I love the humour of it so I decided to choose this one over other great shots.

    To book a location shoot with Kent Johnson, please contact:

  2. Love that clutch of yours! And you’re wearing the exact same shade of red lipstick. Not to mention the shoes – they’re gorgeous 🙂

    The photograph is fantastic. It looks like it’s part of a spread in Vogue. You’ve got SERIOUS style, Viv.

    • Haha good question Danika. Well I did think of that when Kent directed me for this very shot; but I guess I was more focus on not to roll over to the pond than anything else at that time… (P.S. my white pants survived!) 😉

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