Cheers~ To February

Web_DSC0170February is the shortest month of the year; however, this short month contains some major world-wide events, such as: the Valentine’s Day we have just celebrated; Chinese Lunar New Year (it’s often in February), and if you love fashion or movies or both – I love both – you’d carefully mark the Academy Awards ceremony TV broadcast date and time on your February calendar just like me!

February, some say that it’s a romantic month; I say that February is a month of celebration.
Right now I have the upcoming Chinese New Year to look forward to, a close friends Yum-Cha (飲茶) gathering is on the way. What to wear? I think this year I’m going for my modern floral QiPao (旗袍) instead of the head-to-toe red ensemble.

February is also my birth month. Since my beloved grandmother passed away, I stopped throwing birthday parties of my own.., what I’ve learnt from it is, attending others’ birthday parties is just as much fun as celebrating your own – with less stress and a lot less work as a bonus!
This February I received an invitation to a ‘Sydney celebrity’ stylist’s birthday bash. Although I haven’t decided what to wear yet, I plan to have a great time!

Each February…I always dream of hosting an ‘Oscars Themed Party’ on Oscars night. Having guests walk the red carpet, some guests playing the paparazzi; snapping away at the ‘stars’ when they arrive. In my dream; we have champagne and nibbles while watching the ceremony on a giant TV, and during the advertisements, we all take turns to stand up and share our acceptance speech, ‘…thank you to my hairdresser; thank you to my stylist…’
So, who’s got a big house and a large screen TV that I can borrow? 😉

February… there’s only 12 days to go this February! Don’t forget to live this shortest month in style even if it means taking a bath and catching your old cat’s fleas!

Photographed by: Bill Kokas


  1. Hello There!

    And happy birthday in advance 🙂

    I’ve nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. But since accepting awards can be time consuming I’ve also created a logo you can display in a blog entry instead if you’d like to. It’s just a little token to let you know I think you’re awesome.

    Here’s the link to my list of nominees:


    P.S. You look ready for the Red Carpet in your pink dress!

    • Thank you very much for an early Birthday wish Fia! :-*
      I’m very proud and happy to be nominated by you again! ‘The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award’ IS my upcoming blog post! I’m going to find out more details about ‘The Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ now! 😀
      Yes, it’s ‘award season’ right now; in this situation, more is better!!

      Thank you for your compliment about the hot pink dress!

      Sending love to you from Sydney… X X X

  2. Mee-Ow!! Great theme. Sooo…THIS is what is meant by ‘Bath Time’. Love the style and colour of your dress.

    • Haha, thank you Kenny.
      What I wanted to say was, nothing should stop you from being stylish even if you choose to stay home and picking off your old cat’s fleas, but I thought ‘taking a bath’ would be funny as I was in the bath tub…
      This shot was my idea, I’m glad people can see the humour of it!! 😉

  3. Ha ha that Oscars Themed Party? Each year I tell myself (and my friends) that I’ll be hosting one, but it just never works out. Maybe next year.
    PS: Really cool picture.

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