Entering The Grey Zone

640-AdjSE_5402Thanks to the phenomenon of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’; GREY is the ‘red hot’ shade right now!

To be honest with you, I was not a fan of grey for a long time.., simply because I had never found this colour cheerful.
Someone I once went out with for eighteen months, was an alcoholic and was also battling depression. His favourite colour? Grey! After seeing about 500 shades of grey T-shirts; suits and so on for one and a half years, I was totally convinced that grey and dark mood went hand in hand.

My change of mind came from a female friend of mine; who once said to me, “Grey is such a feminine tone, you’d look amazing in it!”
‘Really?’ I had some doubt. But I have to admit that I love pearl grey, perhaps it’s close to silver.
If I go for a grey outfit, I’d choose the cooler shade of it, and I don’t mind the dramatic shades such as: stormy sky grey; dark sandy grey and deep charcoal.

With my very limited grey choices in my wardrobe, I put together the above grey+grey+grey ensemble.
Do you have any grey in your wardrobe? If not, don’t panic! There are plenty choices out there, some only a mouse click away!
As I’m learning to embrace the shades of the moment, seriously, grey is elegant; urban; cool and timeless… So, ‘It can’t be that bad, right?’ And, for you who has any doubt, here’s my answer:

‘YES! Grey IS the new black!!’

Photography by: Kent Johnson

Like this picture? To make a booking with Kent Johnson, simply click here!


  1. Vintage Viv… sophisticated… all very good… still more credit should be given for the pose… ’cause you’ve just transformed an image into a piece of art 🙂

  2. Truly beautiful my friend, thank you for sharing your fifty shades of grey, the colors and styles are awesome, love them. Also thank you for following what we are doing here at the VABWM. Please click on this link and receive my personal welcome message.

  3. hi Vivienne! good to see you again.
    I love this grey outfit. The dress is really dramatic and chic. And with the lace collared T, that is wonderful combination.

  4. I have always loved grey. It is almost a non-colour that accents most colours, steel-like yet majestic, detached yet engaging and you wear it beautifully!

  5. You are a stylish lady in grey, indeed…portrayed beautifully in a stylish photo by Mr Johnson.

  6. Hi Vivienne, this is a really beautiful outfit and it looks stunning on you. A wonderful and inspiring story. Thank you for reigniting beauty and class in an understated and neglected colour 🙂

    • Even though that Sydney sky is grey today, your beautiful feedback has brighten up my day! Thank you for your kind words Eva, love and hugs… x x x x

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