In Between Seasons… Make Wool Your Friend

640V2-AdjSE_2349I love the feeling of wool.
As soon as I put on my woollen cardigan or gloves; there is an instant comfort to my body and skin.

Although most of the garments we see today, are the result of two or more mixed wool blend fabric; woolly clothes are not hard to find.
A female friend of mine once owned an one piece black woollen winter dress. Her winter little black dress was so woolly that it was almost like she was wearing a piece of shag carpet! But the style was so chic that the combination of black shag and great cut made that woolly dress a very unique piece!

As autumn has arrived Australia this month, I have dug out my woollen garments and accessories, so they are ready to go!
Here I wore my short-sleeve black turtleneck – one of my favourite woolly pieces – and I feel so lovely in it!

Photography by: Kent Johnson.


  1. Oh, you look really wonderful and chic. And the dog? It’s so cute and fluffy!

    Thank you for checking out my blog and liking my post! I hope to see you visit me again. I will be sure to follow you!

  2. Hi Viv, your woolen top is pretty friendly as it has short sleeves.

    A good friend in Autumn,
    a best friend in the Winter,
    a runaway in Spring,
    and a stranger in the Summer 🙂

    Luvin’ your Blog ❤

  3. I’m one of those persons who wears wool all year round. In the summer, wool can be nice because it lets your skin breath, so you don’t really get sweaty. I’m an even bigger fan of cashmere. It feels like you’re wearing a cloud:)

    • Haha~ Thank you Marina; believe it or not, most of the time I’m fascinated by my dog too! I just wish I could see her more often!
      You too, have a fabulous day! X X

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